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Resources in the Diocese of the Palm Beach


Diocesan Cemetery - (Our Lady Queen of Peace)
View website Phone: 561-793-0711


Retreat Center - (Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center)
View website Phone: 561-626-1300


Assisted Living/Nursing Care  - (Lourdes-Noreen McKeen)
View website Phone: 561-655-8544 






Diocesan Newspaper - The Florida Catholic


Radio - WDMC Divine Mercy Catholic Radio 920 AM


Radio - WJPP Prince of Peace Catholic Radio Radio 1001.FM


Radio - WBS 740 AM Divine Mercy Catholic Radio 






Seminary - St. Vincent de Paul


Seminary - St. John Vianney College




Lay Apostolate Organizations and Movements



Organizations and Movements

Contact person

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Columbus:
Very Reverend Canon Thomas Skindeleski Phone: 561-276-6892 State Deputy: Paul M. Koppie Phone: 727-785-2684 Website:  
Council of Catholic Women

Rev. Clemens Hammerschmitt, Spiritual Advisor Phone:561-966-8878 Dorothy Hughes, President Phone: 954-421-8584 Website:www.pbdccw.catholicweb.com 

Northern Deanery:Reverend Michael Englert, OFM Conv., Spiritual Advisor Phone: 772-878-1215 Barbara Lutton 772-878-5120


Central Deanery:Reverend Dominic Toan Tran, Spiritual Advisor Phone: 561-833-9745 Ann Kopp Phone: 561-439-8102

Southern Deanery:Reverend Kevin C. Nelson, Spiritual Advisor Phone: 561-585-5970 Veronica Comrie Phone: 561-752-2988

Catholic Law Enforcement Sergeant Edward J. Manek, President Phone: 561-964-8489
Catholic Lawyers Guild Bridget Berry Phone: 561-650-7912 Email:berryb@gtlaw.com
Catholic Realtors Guild Lucille Giola, President Phone: 561-391-7440 Email: lucillegioia@comcast.com
Catholic Volunteers in Florida Elaine Fowler, Executive Director Phone: 407-382-7071 Email: efowler@cvif.org
Charismatic Movement 
(Eng. & Spanish)
English: Mr. John Dean, Lay Director Phone: 772-562-5954 Spanish: Reverend Francisco Osorio, Spiritual Director Phone: 772-597-2798
Christ Child Society Boca Raton: 
Agnes Gregory Phone: 561-482-3067
North Palm Beach:
Mary Bishop
Phone: 561-795-0134
Stuart: Kathleen Brannigan Phone: 772-299-7852
Con El, Health Care Ministry to the Third World Dorothy Martin Phone: 561-818-5539   Dr. James Coyne Phone: 561-747-5202
Eva Zavatti Phone: 772-546-8757
Cursillo Movement 
(English & Spanish)

Deacon Joe Pollock, Spiritual Advisor
Phone: 561-747-9330
James Flannagan, Lay Director 561-308-7545   
Website: cursillopb.wix.com/cursillo            

Sister Margarita Gomez, R.M.I., S.T.L., D. Min., Spiritual Advisor
Alicia M. Fernandez, Lay Director Phone: 561-964-4168

Damas Catolicas en Accion Reverend Nestor Rodriguez, Spiritual Moderator
Phone: 772-597-2798
Lilia Maria Gibbons, Founder/Director
Legatus Reverends Martin Devereaux and Brian Lehnert, Co-Chaplains
Mr. Paul M. Lawless Phone: 561-361-8140 ext. 232
Legions of Mary, Palm Beach Curia Reverend Danis Ridore, Spiritual Moderator
Phone: 561-276-6892
Gloria Pat Stewart, President
Phone: 561-659-4160
Pax Christi

Virginia Jens Phone: 561-568-0124
Email: vjens2483@gmail.com
Maureen O'Connell Phone: 561-512-1566 Email: dorneyoc@aol.com

Serra Club

Mr. Larry Winker, District 30 Governor
Phone: 561-997-5997

Palm Beach: Mr. Dennis Flannigan
Phone: 561-627-0200

South Palm Beach:James J. Anderson
Phone: 561-994-9267

Edward Broom
Phone: 772-564-0848

St. Frances de Sales Association

Dorothy A. Gibula, Regional Directress
Phone: 561-231-5988

North Florida Group:
Reverend Charles Martin, CSP, Chaplain
Phone: 772-562-0500

Marilyn Maranon, Group Directress
Phone: 772-595-8994 

South Florida Group:
Reverend Patrick Daugherty, CP, Chaplain

Group Directresses
Anne Marie Dumont
Phone: 954-346-4013
Rita Tassy Phone: 954-718-8113

St. Vincent de Paul Society

Reverend Brian Lehnert, Spiritual Advisor
Phone: 561-784-0689

Palm Beach Diocesan Council:
Richard Persek, President & Trustee
Phone: 561-697-9699 

Treasure Coast District Council:
Bud Hemings
Phone: 951-468-1931 

Archbishop Feeham District Council:
Robert P.Christopher, M.D. Phone: 772-492-0538 

Martin County District Council:
John M. Kilduff Phone: 772-546-0994 

Palm Beach District Council: 
Richard J. Persek Phone: 561-304-3057








































































































 Travel Resources

 Internationl Travel Program - available for parishioners, volunteers and diocesan employees