How Your Gift Makes a Difference




Your Gift Transforms Lives

Catholic Charities

Jesus came not to be served but to serve.  Hope and healing are hallmarks of Jesus’ ministry.  By supporting the Diocesan Services Appeal, we follow His example and reach out in His name.

Catholic Charities is our primary diocesan social services agency, and it is an essential aspect of the life of the diocese. On an annual basis, over 9,000 lives are enriched through the network of important programs and services they offer.

Their work is a tribute to the dignity of the human person, brining hope and healing to those in need.

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Communications / TV Mass

Our use of technology to spread the Gospel is just one example of the many ways that we, as a diocesan community, are able to reach out to the world around us and proclaim our belief in God.  The Word of God can be heard, seen and read at any time.

Our locally produced Sunday Mass reaches out to people who are homebound, in nursing homes, hospitalized, imprisoned or for any reason unable to be physically present in worshipping.

Your donation to the DSA helps the Diocese use television and other contemporary media to carry a message of hope and caring to people who are isolated and looking for a connection with their faith. 

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Bringing Us Together As One Family in Jesus Christ

One of the priorities of our Diocese is family life.  We want to support our families in every way we can and to promote the sanctity and dignity of marriage and family life as God’s gift to us.  It is in the family that we truly find joy in life. Through your donations to the DSA, our Marriage and Family Life Ministry strengthens and supports the entire “life-cycle” of our Catholic families, during times of transition as well in times of crisis.

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