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Living the Truth in Love: Masterpieces of God’s Creation

October is a month that has a different meaning in Florida that it does in many other parts of our country and especially the Northeast.  As the season of autumn quickly comes upon us, we do not experience the changes that takes place in nature such as much cooler days setting in or the

Living the Truth in Love: The Looming Shadows of 9/11

Just two weeks ago we commemorated the 13th anniversary of the horrendous September 11th terrorist attack upon our nation which brought down the massive Twin Towers in New York City as well as assailing the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, and crashing a commercial airline flight in western

Living the Truth in Love: Take Up the Heart of Christ: Homily given at the Diaconate Ordination, Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola, Sept. 2014

My brothers, Frank, John and Wayne, it is a great joy for me to be with you, your wives, your families and all gathered here at St. Ignatius Cathedral on this significant day. It is also a great joy to be with my brother priests and deacons gathered for this occasion on which these three men will

Living the Truth in Love: Some Tips from the Pope

One of the practices that Pope Francis has undertaken during the past year is to grant personal interviews with newspapers, magazines and other sources of news media.  Ever since his interview with the press corps on his flight back from World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro last July, the Pope has

Living the Truth in Love: A Call to All

Soon children will be returning to school, vacations will come to their conclusion and life will return to a more normal pace after the summer.  We are reminded that all of us are called by God to a vocation in which we cooperate with Him in the building up of His kingdom here on earth.  That

Living the Truth in Love: St. Ignatius in the Path of St. Francis

On July 31st we celebrate a significant feast for the life of our Diocese, that of St. Ignatius Loyola.  Our Cathedral church is named in honor of St. Ignatius and so we have a particular affinity with this great man of the Church who is our secondary patron.  St. Ignatius is also significant for

Living the Truth in Love: No Ordinary Time

The season of Ordinary Time in the Church's liturgical year immediately begins again after the celebration of the Solemnity of Pentecost.  The liturgical color returns to green and the regular cycle of scriptural readings resumes from where they left off before the beginning of the season of

Living the Truth in Love: Priesthood Ordination of Deacon Wesler Hilaire The Joy of Priesthood

We come together to celebrate a very joyful day in the life of the Church for the Diocese of Palm Beach - the Ordination of Deacon Wesler Hilaire to the Priesthood of Jesus Christ.  This is such a fitting day for this celebration – the Feast of the Apostles Saints Philip and James, during this

Living the Truth in Love: Chrism Mass Homily The Call is for You

On Easter Sunday, a priest was visiting his mother in the hospital and decided to take the opportunity to visit other patients on that day.  One of the hospital aides accompanied the priest and explained a little about each patient as they entered the room.  The priest wished each one a happy

Living the Truth in Love: It is Christ Who Transforms Us

To some of us, it may seem like just yesterday that the forty days of Lent began.  Perhaps to others, the time may seem longer.  All of us can reflect on what these days have brought to us as we celebrate the new life which the Lord has gained for us in His Resurrection. Perhaps we took up