Separation and divorce are some of the most devastating losses. What began as a joyful building of family has

Healing Resources

disintegrated into pain, separation and loneliness. So many emotions add to confusion and pain; many times it is difficult to get through the day.

Your faith and the love of God can provide help, healing and wholeness. Taking the first step is all important. There are various resources in the Diocese of Palm Beach and community that can help.

Please contact the Office of Marriage and Family.

If you have questions about the annulment process or Church law, please contact the Tribunal Office.


Retrouvaille is a program for troubled marriages. Retrouvaille comes from a French word meaning "to rediscover" and the program is designed to help couples rediscover a loving marriage relationship. This intense weekend retreat has helped thousands, many of those on the verge of divorce, to restore trust and build lasting happy marriages.

- To see if Retrouvaille is right for you, please go to retrouvaille.org


Support Groups

New ministry to those who have suffered divorce:  The Office of Marriage and Family Life in partnership with the Cathedral of St. Ignatius is pleased to announce the beginning of a DVD-based and peer led ministry to men and women who have suffered from divorce: The Catholic’s DIVORCE SURVIVAL Guide. This 12-week program features weekly 30-minute DVD segments covering  topics such as anger, guilt, forgiveness, money, co-parenting, the ex-spouse, annulment, sexuality, spirituality, finding peace, and more. Whether you were divorced ten days ago or ten years ago, the program offers valuable insight for everyone.  The Catholic Church is not here to condemn but to console and to help you find peace, power, and renewed passion for life.

PLEASE JOIN US on Tuesday evenings, from 7:15 PM until 8:45 PM in the St. Ignatius Parish Hall beginning April 1, 2014.  For more information and to register, please call Kim Kinggard at 561-818-4728. Space is limited.


For those who prefer one-on-one counseling, Catholic Charities can provide help.

- Please contact the Office of Marriage and Family for referrals.

External resources:

RainbowsNACSDC North American Conference for Separated Divorced Catholics



Take Care of Yourself!

For those who are going through separation or divorce, life can be emotionally overwhelming.

Catholic Divorce Ministry--North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics has many helpful resources for education and healing. Check out their sections on retreats, awareness, books and more at www.nacsdc.org

Helpful Tips:

  1. Get enough sleep every day

  2. Eat healthy foods

  3. Avoid excessive alcohol

  4. Exercise a few times a week

  5. Don't dwell on what you could have done or should have done

  6. Take time to heal before you start dating again

  7. Pray for strength to get through this difficult time

  8. Ask for help from friends and family

  9. Seek the help of a counselor or group for support

  10. Remember that you will heal



Below are messages from Jesus that are messages to live by.

"I will be with you always until the end of time."

"My peace I bring you. My peace I leave
with you."

"Come, follow me. Do not be afraid."