Premarital Programs & Schedules


God's Plan for Marriage ~ English

"God's plan for Marriage" is an interactive experience offering married and engaged couples a compelling vision of God's glorious plan for marriage, love and human sexuality. Whether a couple is entering a first marriage, a re-marriage or is already married, this program offers a refreshing, liberating vision of marriage and marital love; one that helps couples fully embrace God's joyous plan for their lives. Based on Pope John Paul II's revolutionary new insights found in his "Theology of the Body", "God's Plan for Marriage" explores the whys behind the whats in a non-threatening and convincing manner. This program has helped thousands of couples embrace a more profound understanding of marriage.

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Remarriage/Starting Over ~ English

Remarriage/Starting Over Marriage Retreats are designed for couples in which one or both persons have had previous marriages, and most likely chidren are involved in the blending of families. This Retreat should be attended after the annulment process, if necessary, is underway. Retreats are facilitated by couples in successful remarriages who are qualified to discuss and explore issues including step children, finances, expectations and more.

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Camino ~ en Español

A weekend class for the Spanish speaking community that explores premarital issues for all couples whether in first marriages or remarriages. This highly sacramental class is held four times per year.

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