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The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Palm Beach offer a strong, competitive academic curriculum that provides students with a well-rounded educational experience and emphasizes our Catholic identity. We are committed to the development of the whole child – moral, spiritual, academic and physical. The Catholic education curriculum also involves teaching our faith and traditions to our children in their daily classroom and weekly in our parishes through Catechism classes. Our schools play a vital role in the formation of future leaders in the Church, the community and business world. Parents choose Catholic schools because they emphasize academic enrichment and moral and spiritual development for their children.

The Diocese of Palm Beach has 19 schools which includes two preschools, 14 elementary schools and three high schools.

The Mission of the Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Palm Beach is to build learning communities, based on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ and rich in Catholic values and tradition. The schools have a commitment and responsibility to teach the “whole child” in mind, body, and spirit. In developing the gifts, talents, and uniqueness of their students, the schools seek to prepare leaders and Christian stewards as a beacon of hope for the Church of the future.