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VAB Counsel-Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller, Palm Beach County


The Palm Beach County Value Adjustment Board (VAB) is seeking a private attorney to serve as VAB Counsel.  VAB Counsel’s primary role is to advise the VAB on all aspects of the VAB review process to ensure that all actions taken by the VAB and its appointees meet the requirements of law. Counsel must advise the board in a manner that will promote and maintain a high level of public trust and confidence in the administrative review process. VAB Counsel is not an advocate for either party in a VAB proceeding.



  • Juris Doctor degree
  • Current membership in The Florida Bar
  • Five (5) years of professional experience practicing law
  • Must be an attorney in private practice
  • Real estate and local government experience preferred



VAB counsel is prohibited from representing the property appraiser, the tax collector, any taxing authority, or any property owner in any administrative or judicial review of property taxes.



  • Knowledge of F.A.C., Rule Chapter 12D-9 and F.S. 194
  • Knowledge of the statutory provisions that govern Value Adjustment Board (VAB) procedures
  • Extensive knowledge the role of evidence in quasi-judicial hearings
  • Ability to provide expert legal advice to the VAB and other officials of the department
  • Ability to interpret and clarify applicable law (statutes, case law and rules)
  • Ability to communicate clearly, concisely, orally and in writing


The successful candidate will perform the following functions:

  • Ensures that VAB proceedings are fair and consistent with Florida law
  • Advises VAB of the actions necessary for compliance with Florida law
  • Advises VAB regarding matters including: composition and quorum requirements; statutory training and qualification requirements for special magistrates and members of the VAB; legal requirement for recommended decisions and final decisions; public meeting and open government laws; any other duties, responsibilities, actions, or requirements of the VAB or its members under applicable law
  • Answers legal questions from VAB staff and special magistrates
  • Advises the VAB and its staff and special magistrates in all legal matters affecting the VAB
  • Reviews and responds to written complaints alleging noncompliance with the law by the VAB, special magistrates, VAB clerk, and the parties
  • Conducts annual VAB orientation for all special magistrates
  • Reviews taxpayer letters requesting a review of special magistrates’ recommendations and makes recommendations to the VAB after file review
  • Keeps VAB members and VAB staff updated on laws, statutes, rules, case law, and Department of Revenue bulletins, directives and guidance affecting the VAB
  • Attends all VAB meetings
  • Is available to attend all VAB hearings, typically conducted October through March
  • Reviews requests for late-filed petitions and determines if “good cause” exists to accept or deny the late-filed petition
  • Reviews requests to reschedule petitions
  • Addresses lawsuits filed against the VAB
  • Audits special magistrate worksheets for compliance
  • Performs other functions deemed necessary by the VAB

To apply, submit your resume and desired hourly compensation to Gina Deschene, HR Generalist, at by July 6, 2021.


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