"The family, which is founded and given life by love, is a community of persons: of husband and wife, of parents and children, of relatives. Its first task is to live with fidelity the reality of communion is a constant effort to develop an authentic community of persons."

 -Pope John Paul II (1981) Apostolic Exhortation on the Family, #18



Family Life

“The strength of the family lies in its capacity to love and to teach how to love….The family is where we are formed as people.” Pope Francis


Church teaching and guidance on Family life may be found in official documents from: 



Parenting Programs Offered through our Diocese:






LoveEd is a Catholic program that helps parishes and schools empower parents to teach both the theology and science of human sexuality within the context of God’s plan for love and life. By offering LoveEd, parishes provide a format to assist parents, grandparents or guardians—the primary educators—to guide and inform their children accurately, fully and lovingly.  LoveEd doesn’t just teach the facts of life, but the meaning of life.

This is a parent-guided, age-appropriate, gender-specific program that teaches children about God’s plan for life, love, sexuality, and purity.  It equips parents to have positive, life-changing conversations with their kids.  It facilitates these conversations at two important life transitions:  as they enter puberty (around grade 5 or 6), and just before they begin high school (grade 7 or 8).



For more information or to schedule a facilitator training or parent event, contact the Office of Family Life (561)775-9553


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Family Honor, Inc. Leading & Loving


St. John Paul II taught us that the family is the first and foremost school of virtue where the members learn to be a gift to others.  Through their family, children learn foundational lessons about the world around them that equip them to discern right from wrong and develop good morals and values (On the Role of Christian Family in the Modern World, 42-43).

As the primary educators of your children, you are best suited to helping your children grow in goodness and virtue. However, raising children in today’s secular society is challenging. Some days it can seem almost impossible to instill holiness and virtue in our kids. That’s why the Office of Marriage and Family Life has partnered with Family Honor to bring you Leading & Loving, an interactive program designed to help parents create an individual plan for purposeful parenting. 

  • Family Honor, Inc. has over 25 years field experience in helping parents teach their children virtues. Family Honor's truly unique program, Leading & Loving, is designed for parents of young children, newborn through age 12.  You will come away with practical techniques for developing virtue in your children and for answering some of your children's most challenging questions about life and human sexuality.
  • Leading & Loving is a six-module program for PARENTS ONLY that presents the beautiful truths about human sexuality through the lens of St. John Paul II’s landmark teaching known as “Theology of the Body.”

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Please contact the Office of Marriage & Family Life at 561-775-9553 to schedule a program at your parish or school.