Catholic radio host speaks to local diocese

Broadcaster, writer and author, Al Kresta, spoke to local members of the Jupiter/Palm Beach chapter of Legatus at the Ballen Isles Country Club on Sept. 19. Kresta is the president and CEO of Ave Maria Radio, and host of “Kresta in the Afternoon,” which is heard on more than 350 stations and satellite channels.

Kresta’s presentation centered on the topic that the Catholic Church is generally misunderstood as an enemy of knowledge, science and social progress. Kresta focused on the point that the opposite is true, and that he is passionate about sharing the true facts of these and other misconceptions. He stated that the world owes a debt to the Catholic Church for the following reasons.

The Catholic Church has consistently taught that human beings have intrinsic value and dignity because they are created by and for God. “No other institution in the world has done more to defend and protect human dignity, especially by espousing the Doctrine of Individual Rights,” said Kresta.  

He went on to explain that the Church, in emulation of the sacrificial example of Jesus Christ, raised the world’s consciousness that sacrificial love is the gold standard for authentic love, and it has consistently been at the forefront of the intellectual, spiritual and creative environment that produced the greatest works of human culture.

His closing statement noted that Catholic prophets, including many popes, stood firm against secular forces by accurately warning of the consequences of modernist thinking. Lastly, great leaders in the Church stood against forces of evil, especially those who denied human dignity.

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