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The following documents can be downloaded and distributed to schools and parishes: 

Parent Letter from Superintendent March 27
English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg1) (jpeg2)

Bishop Barbarito's Statement Regarding Liturgical Precautions During Coronavirus Pandemic
Video link
        Letter in English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
        Letter in Spanish (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)

Diocesan Prayer for God's Protection in the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic
        English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
        Spanish (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
        Creole (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
        Prayer in English for Facebook (jpeg) Instagram (jpeg) Twitter (jpeg)

Spiritual Communion
English (doc) (jpeg)

All Diocese of Palm Beach Schools will commence virtual instruction March 31st with campuses closed through April 15, 2020. Memorandum to Catholic School Administrators March 17.
      English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
      Spanish (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)

Memorandum to all Diocese of Palm Beach Employees, Volunteers, School Parents/Guardians and Students Mar. 13
        English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg1)-(jpeg2)
        Spanish (doc) (pdf) (jpeg1)-(jpeg2)      

Diocese of Palm Beach Travel Protocols Mar. 9
        English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
        Spanish (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)

Diocese of Palm Beach Response to the Coronavirus Mar. 3
        English (doc) (pdf)
        Spanish (doc) (pdf)

Diocese of Palm Beach Office of Catholic Schools Coronavirus Update Feb. 27
        English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
        Spanish (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
        Creole (doc) (pdf(jpeg)

The attached flyers are from the Florida Department of Health on symptoms and prevention (hand washing, etc.) and can be downloaded:

The following is a link to the CDC’s COVID-19 website:
        English website -
        Spanish website -

Florida Department of Health website:
        Social Distancing for Infectious Disease flyer (pdf)

TV Masses and Online Worship Resources

Prayer the Pope composed for COVID-19 on the Vatican News website

The President's Coronavirus Guildelines for America
15 Days to Slow the Spread (jpeg) 





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