Premarital Programs & Schedules


God's Plan for Marriage ~ English

This day-long program offers a compelling vision of God's glorious plan for marriage, love and human sexuality. Each couple will have the opportunity to reflect on the meaning of marriage and on the influence that spirituality, communication, finances, sexuality and parenthood will have on your marriage. By incorporating Saint John Paul II's revolutionary insights found in his Theology of the Body teachings, the program helps you discover the why’s behind the what’s of Catholic teaching on marriage in a non-threatening and convincing manner so you can fully embrace God's glorious plan for your marriage.

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Remarriage/Starting Over ~ English

If either of you have been married before, whether in the church or civilly, the God’s Plan for Marriage programs offer a compelling vision of God’s glorious plan for marriage and will help you discover the why’s behind the what’s of Catholic teaching on marriage. 

Please choose one of the God’s Plan programs marked by an asterisk (*) indicating it is specifically designated for couples who are entering remarriage. These particular programs will include special breakout sessions facilitated by couples in successful remarriages who will help you address issues specific to remarriage such as blending families, financial challenges, etc.

Again, please select one of the programs indicated by an asterisk (*). Contact the Office of Marriage & Family Life at 561-775-9557 if you need further information and guidance for the appropriate workshop.

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Camino ~ en Español

A weekend class for the Spanish speaking community that explores premarital issues for all couples whether in first marriages or remarriages. This highly sacramental class is held five times per year.

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