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Parish Bulletin Editors & Communication Staff


March 2021 Bulletin and Communication Announcements

The Office of Communications for the Diocese of Palm Beach thanks you for visiting the Bulletin Announcement page.  Below you will find documents and images to help you fill the pages of your bulletin with information from the Diocese and those entities it supports.

A.  New Important Information

          1. DSA Video 
               a. English 
               b. Spanish  
               c. Creole 

          2. Website Landing page (link to home page

          3. Brochure Letter from Bishop
              a. English (pdf) (jpeg)
              b. Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
              c. Creole (pdf) (jpeg)

          4. DSA Brochure
              a. English (pdf) 
              b. Spanish (pdf)
              c. Creole (pdf

          5. DSA Poster (English, with Spanish and Creole DSA theme included)          
              a. Color (12 x 18) (pdf) (jpeg)         

          6. DSA Logos and 2021 Theme Graphic
               a. DSA Logo Color (6.5 x 1) (jpeg)
               b. DSA Logo Black and White (6.5x 1) (jpeg)
               c. Theme Graphic
                   i. English (jpeg)
                   ii. Spanish (jpeg)

          7. “DSA Now Underway” Graphic (includes general information, a quote from Bishop Barbarito and that the DSA has begun) (7.5 x 5)
               a. English (jpeg) (pdf)
               b. Spanish (jpeg) (pdf)
          8. DSA General Graphic Announcement (includes theme, graphic, quotes and website information)
              a.  Full page announcement (7.5 x 11)
                    i.   English (pdf) (jpeg)
                    ii.  Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
               b. Half page vertical announcement (3.75 x 10)
                   i.   English (pdf) (jpeg)
                   ii.  Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
               c.  Half page horizontal announcement (7.5 x 5)
                   i.   English (pdf) (jpeg)
                   ii.  Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)

          9. DSA “What the DSA Supports” Graphic (includes level of giving and pie chart) 
               a. English (pdf) (jpeg)
               b. Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
               c. Creole (pdf) (jpeg)

          10. “DSA In-Pew Weekend” Graphic (includes in-pew weekends of Jan. 25-26 and Feb. 1-2) (3 x 3) Black and White
               a. English (pdf) (jpeg)
               b. Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)

          11. DSA Announcement Graphics

                a. Your pledge is Important                                (2.5 x 4)           Color
                    i. English (pdf) (jpeg)
                    ii. Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
                b. Thank you for your generosity and support   (4 x 3)              Color
                    i. English (pdf) (jpeg)
                    ii. Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
                c. Thank you for your generosity and support   (2.5 x 3)           Black and White
                    i. English (pdf) (jpeg)
                    ii. Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
               d. You can make a difference                              (4 x 3)              Color
                    i. English (pdf) (jpeg)
                    ii. Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
          12.  DSA Pulpit Announcements 
                 a. English  (doc) (pdf)
                 b. Spanish (doc) (pdf)

          13. DSA Ministries
                a. English (pdf) (jpeg)
                b. Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
                c. Creole  (pdf) (jpeg)

          14.  Faith in the Future
                 a. English (pdf) (jpeg)
                 b. Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
                 c. Creole  (pdf) (jpeg)


B.  Expected information to be published by each parish this month:

      1. Second Collection Letters 

           -  Schedule for 2021 Non-Parochial Collections Updated January 14, 2021
                      (doc) (pdf)
           -  Second Collection Letters - Below are the second collection letters that are required to be published as a full page or half page in parish bulletins on the dates indicated. These letters are from the Bishop and the branding standards of the letter should be followed.   The letter may also be read, in addition to it being printed in the bulletin. 
          - The Second Collection is for the Education of Seminarians & Priestly Formation on March 13-14; please print the letters on March 6-7. 
              -  Letters 
                       in English - (doc) (pdf) (jpeg
                       in Spanish - (doc) (pdf) (jpeg
               - The letters are also posted on our website     

      2. Safe Environments
April is Child Abuse Prevention Month
                 2021 April Child Abuse Prevention Resource Booklet (pdf)
           - Announcements in English (doc) (pdf) - Updated September 28, 2020
          - Announcements in Spanish (doc) (pdf) - Actualizado Septiembre 28, 2020
          - Graphics for Announcements in English (pdf) (jpegs
          - Graphics for Announcements in Spanish (pdf) (jpegs
          - Knowledge without Action Makes No Difference (doc)  
          - Children Need Safe Adults (doc)  
          - Communicating concerns about boundaries (doc)  
          - Resources 


C. Bulletin Announcements

     1. Sunday TV Masses  
         - Flyer (pdf) (jpeg
         - Prayer for Spritual Communion - English (jpeg) Spanish (jpeg)
         - Schedule
           - Mar. 7, 3rd of Lent, St. Helen, Vero Beach, Reverend Nick Zrallack, Parochial Vicar
           - Mar. 14, 4th of Lent, The Cathedral of Saint Ignatius Loyola, PBG, Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop of Palm Beach
           - Mar. 21, 5th of Lent, The Cathedral of Saint Ignatius Loyola, PBG, Reverend Brian King, Episcopal Secretary
           - Mar. 28, Palm Sunday, The Cathedral of Saint Ignatius Loyola, PBG, Reverend Duvan Bermudez, Director of Hispanic Ministry
         2. Important Dates
             Mar. 3 - Feast of St. Katherine Drexel
             Mar. 5 - World Day of Prayer
             Mar. 7 -  Third Sunday of Lent
             Mar. 14 - Daylight Saving Time begins
             Mar. 14 - Fourth Sunday of Lent
             Mar. 17 - Feast of St. Patrick
             Mar. 19 - Feast of St. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary
             Mar. 21 - Fifth Sunday of Lent
             Mar. 21 - International Day to Eliminate Racial Segregation
             Mar. 24 - World Day of Truth concerning Human Rights Violations
             Mar. 25 - The Annunciation of the Lord
             Mar. 28 - Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord
             Mar. 29 - Holy Week begins

         3. Events
Feb. 17 to Apr. 1 - Long Sleeve Shirt Relief Drive 
                 Flyer (pdf) (jpeg)
                 Collection Sites (pdf) (jpeg)
             Feb. 17 to Apr. 4 - Rice Bowl (pdf)
             Mar. 6 - A Day of Prayer for Our Nation” at St. Clare Church (pdf
             Mar. 8-14 - Catholic Sisters Week 
             Mar. 9 - Catholic Charities Monthly Community Food Distribution
             Mar. 18-20 - South Florida Encounter Conference 
             Mar. 20 - 21 - Spring Fling Mini Vendor Fair, Port St. Lucie
             Mar. 28 - Apr. 4 - Chrism Mass  and Holy Week Schedule (pdf) (jpeg)                        

             Please use this link to submit events for your parish or school


D.  Office and Ministry Updates

        1.  Bishop
             Diocesan Prayer for God's Protection in the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic
             - English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
             - Spanish (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
             - Creole (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
             - Prayer in English for Facebook (jpeg) Instagram (jpeg) Twitter (jpeg)

        2.  Catholic Charities
Catholic Charities Community Food Distribution (every 2nd Tuesday of the month)
             - COVID-19 Parish Social Ministry (pdf) (png)
             - Counseling Program
                   Telephone sesssions in English (jpeg) and Spanish (jpeg)
                   Online Virtual Sessions in English and Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
             - Volunteers Needed (doc) - updated

        3.  Hispanic Ministry
             - Año de San José- Diciembre 2020-2021
             - Para Ti Hispano 

        4.  School of Christian Formation Classes begins 
             - School of Christian Formation in English - 2020-2021 SCF Program (pdf)
             - Escuela de Formación Cristiana en Español  - 2020-2021 Program (pdf)
             - Escuela Diocesana de Formación Cristiana/Migrantes en Español - 2020-2021 Programa (pdf)

        5.  Marriage, Family Life, Faith Formation and Youth Ministry
             - 2021 Marriage Preparation Schedule for Parishes (doc)
             - (Unbound - video link

        6.  Catholic Schools
             - Academic Calendar 2020-2021 (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
             - Academic Calendar 2021-2022 (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
             - Step Up For Students Scholarships:
                    Click here for an English Flyer - (jpeg) (pdf)
                    Click here for an Spanish Flyer - (jpeg) (pdf)
                    English and Spanish Bulletin Ads

         7.  Vocations
              - Mar. 8-14 - Catholic Sisters Week 
              - Bulletin Blurbs and General Intercessions Cycle B for 2020- 2021 in English and Spanish from Vocation Ministry
                    Bulletin Blurb - English (doc) (pdf) Spanish (doc) (pdf)
                    General Intercessions - English (doc) (pdf) Spanish (doc) (pdf)
              - Prayer for Vocations - English (jpeg)  Spanish  (jpeg)

          8.  The Florida Catholic Announcements and Information
               - Letter from the Bishop (doc) (jpeg) (pdf)
               - Ads for The Florida Catholic
                 336 x 480 px (jpeg1)
                 672 x 288 px (jpeg2)
                 765 x 765 px (jpeg3)
                 816 x 1056 px (jpeg4)
                 840 x 408 px (jpeg5)
                 931 x 787 px (jpeg6) (jpeg7) (jpeg8) (jpeg9) (jpeg10) (jpeg11)
                 1075 x 1075 px  (jpeg12) (jpeg13)
                 1075 x 1075 px (jpeg14) (jpeg15) - Students
                 2553 x 758 px (jpeg16
               - Video   

         9.  Knights of Columbus 
              The Florida State Council of the Knights of Columbus have produced a couple of ads to help promote membership.
              Membership Ad, 8 x 5.5, English (pdf) (jpeg)
              Membership Ad, 4 x 5.5, Spanish (pdf) (jpeg)
              Serve your community, Square  (pdf) (jpeg)
              Serve your community, Wide (pdf) (jpeg)
              Serve your community, 3 x 5 (png)
              Become a Knight, 3 x 5 (png)


E. Resources for Communication Staff

    1. Social Media

        - Parish handles for Facebook (xls) (pdf)
        - School handles for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (xls) (pdf)
        - Social Media Tips (pdf)
        - Social Media Workshop powerpoint (pdf) on September 19, 2019
        - Social Media Workshop powerpoint (pdf) on January 30, 2020

    2.  Graphics
           - Graphics and Catholic Resources (doc
           - Prayer for Spiritual Communion - English (jpeg) Spanish (jpeg)
           - Online Giving
                 Diocese of Palm Beach Online Giving Template Instructions (doc)
                 Examples of how online giving templates can be utilized (pdf)
                 Online Giving Templates for Parishes to Utilize (pub) (pdf)

    3.  Bulletin Information
        - Parish bulletin link database (pdf)
        - Parish bulletin company resource packets:
              Diocesan (pdf),  JS Paulch (pdf)  and  LPI (pdf)

    4. Helpful Links
        - The Holy See
        - United States Council of Catholic Bishop (USCCB)
                 Free Resources from USCCB
                 Word of Life
        - Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops
        - Catholic News Agency

    5. Office of Communications
Diocese submit a story submission form
        - Diocese submit an event submission form
        - Office of Communications Resources (jpeg)
        - DOPB Photo and Graphic Guidelines and Resources - (pdf
        - Photo Release Form - (pdf)
        - Guidelines for Parish Online Administrators Template - (doc
        - Parish Communication Strategy Meeting Recap November 2020 (doc)
        - January 28 2021 Parish Communication Strategy Meeting
              Meeting Minutes (pdf)
              Zoom Video