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Parish Bulletin Editors & Communication Staff


June 2023 Bulletin and Communication Announcements

The Office of Communications for the Diocese of Palm Beach thanks you for visiting the Bulletin and Communication Announcement page.  Below you will find documents and images to help you fill the pages of your bulletin, social media sites, website, e-newsletters and more with information from the diocese and those entities it supports. 

A.  Expected information to be published by each parish this month:

      1.  Second Collection Letters  
            a.  Schedule for Non-Parochial Collections 2023 (pdf)  and Envelopes (doc
            b.  Second Collection Letters - Below are the second collection letters that are required to be published as a full page or half page in parish bulletins on the dates indicated. These letters are from the Bishop and the branding standards of the letter should be followed.   The letter may also be read, published on your website or social media, in addition to it being printed in the bulletin.   
            c.  The Second Collection for Black & Indian Missions / Home Missions is on June 10-11; please print the letters on June 3-4.  
                  i.  Letters 
                         English  (doc) (pdf) (jpg) 
                         Spanish (doc) (pdf) (jpg) 
                         Creole   (doc) (pdf) (jpg)  added on 5-9-23 
                  ii.  Resources  
                          Black and Indian Mission Website 
            d.  The letters are also posted on our Collection Letters webpage    

      2.  2023 Diocesan Services Appeal: Bulletin Inserts, Bulletin Announcements, Information, Resources, Graphics, Social Media Posts and Website Content 
           a.  DSA Materials link 
           b.  DSA Manual  (pdf
           c.  DSA Timeline (pdf)  (png)

       3.  Safe Environments  
           a.  Child Abuse Prevention Month Booklet - English and Spanish  
           b.  USCCB Resources and April Bulletin Insert 
           c.  Announcements in English (doc) (pdf) - Updated September 28, 2020 
           d.  Announcements in Spanish (doc) (pdf) - Actualizado Septiembre 28, 2020 
           e.  Graphics for Announcements in English (pdf) (jpegs)  
           f.  Graphics for Announcements in Spanish (pdf) (jpegs)  
           g.  Knowledge without Action Makes No Difference (doc)   
           h.  Children Need Safe Adults (doc)   
           i.  Communicating concerns about boundaries (doc)   
           j.  Resources  
           k. Audio Files from USCCB’s Secretariat for Child and Youth Protection for public service announcements 
B. Bulletin Announcements

      1.  Feast Days and other Notable Dates in June 
            a.  Vatican News Saint of the Day 
            b.  Franciscan Media Saint of the Day 
            c.  June Dates: 
                  1 – St. Justin, Martyr 
                  3 - St. Charles Lwanga and Companions, Martyrs 
                  4 - The Most Holy Trinity 
                  5 - St. Boniface, Bishop and Martyr 
                  11 - The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ (Corpus Christi) 
                  13  - St. Anthony of Padua, Priest and Doctor of the Church 
                  14 - Flag Day 
                  16 – The Most Sacred Heart of Jesus 
                  17 - The Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary 
                  18 – Father’s Day 
                  20 – World Refugee Day 
                  21 - St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Religious 
                  22 - Saints John Fisher and Thomas More 
                  22 – 29 - Religious Freedom Week 
                  24 – Nativity of Saint John the Baptist 
                  24 – World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of Priests 
                  28 - St. Irenaeus, Bishop and Martyr 
                  29 - Saints Peter and Paul 
                  30 – The First Martyrs of Rome

      2.  Events: 
            a.  Diocesan 2023 Calendar (pdf)  
            b.  June Dates: 
                  2 - 17th Annual Bernard & Betty Egan Memorial Golf Classic (jpg) 
                  2 - Holy Hour at the Miracle House (pdf) (jpg) 
                  3 - First Saturday Peaceful Prayer Vigil, WPB  (pdf) (jpg)
                  4 - XXXV Diocesan Encuentro, St. Paul, NPB (jpg) (pdf)(watch live) updated 5/25/23
                  5, 12, 19, 26 - Healing Prayer Ministry, St. Jude Boca (doc
                  8 - Birthline Orientation, St. Lucie County  (jpg) 
                  9-11 - AIM Weekend Spiritual Retreat, Duncan Center (jpg) 
                  9 - Divine Mercy, St. Francis Church (jpg)    
                 13 - Fatima Rosary Procession, St. Vincent (jpeg) (pdf) 
                  20 - Holy Hour for Vocations, Holy Cross, Vero (pdf)  
                  24 - Unbound Healing Prayer Ministry (jpg) (pdf)  
                  24-25 Conferencia Liberado/Unbound Freedom in Christ Spanish Conference (jpg) (pdf)  
            c.  Save the Dates:
                 Aug-Sep - DRE Meeting Dates (jpg) added 5/26/23
            d.  Please use this link to submit events for your parish or school

C.  Office and Ministry Updates

      1.  Bishop's Office 
           a.  Bishop's Memo and Prayers for protection from storms  (pdf) (doc) updated 5/26/23
           b .  Eucharistic Revival 2022-2025 
           c.  The Chair series - Diocese of Palm Beach
           d.  Synod on Synodality 2021-2024 - including Synthesis Summary  

      2.  Catholic Charities 
            a.  Birthline/Lifeline Volunteer Orientation 2023 Jan-Jun (pdf) (jpg) 
            b.  COVID-19 Parish Social Ministry (pdf) (png
            c.  Counseling Program 
                i. Telephone sesssions in English (jpeg) and Spanish (jpeg
                ii. Online Virtual Sessions in English and Spanish (pdf) (jpeg
           d.  Volunteers Needed (doc) - updated
           e.  Catholic Charites Quarterly Newsletter: April - June 2023  added on 5-25-23 

      3.  Catholic Schools 
            a.  Faith Inspiring Excellence resources 
            b.  Academic Calendar 
                i.  2022-2023 
                ii.  2023-2024 
           c.  Step Up for Students: 
                i.  Marketing Toolkit 
                ii.  Legislative Update from Step Up For Students  
                iii.  FL Tax Credit Scholarship & Family Empowerment Scholarship for Educational Options 
                iv.  Family Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities

      4.  Communications  
           a.  Florida Catholic 
                 i.  New app ads (pdf1) (pdf2
                 ii.  Links to download the new App 
                      - iOS:  
                     - Android: 
               iii.  QR Code (png
               iv.  FCM App Screenshots (pdf
               v.  Graphics for Social Media Posts  
               vi.  Ads (jpg's) for The Florida Catholic Facebook and Instagram  
               vii.  New social media, newsletter graphics 
                     -  (pdf1) (pdf2) (pdf3) (pdf4) (pdf5) (pdf6)  
               viii.  Video   
               ix.  Ad for signing up for printed issue (jpg
          b.  Social Media 
               i.  Parish handles for Facebook (xls) (pdf) 
               ii.  School handles for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (xls) (pdf
               iii.  Social Media Administrator Guidelines (pdf)  
          c.   Graphics 
               i.  Graphics and Catholic Resources (doc) (pdf)       
          d.  Resources 
                i.  Diocese submit a story submission form 
               ii.  Diocese submit an event submission form 
               iii.  Office of Communications Resources (jpeg
               iv.  DOPB Photo and Graphic Guidelines and Resources - (pdf)  
               v.  Photo Release Form - (pdf
               vi.  Videos 
                     - Bishop’s general thank you for attending an event promo video 
                     - Diocesan Communications Tools Videos 
                          Diocese of Palm Beach Communication Tools 
                          Learn all the Diocesan Website has to offer 
                          The Televised Catholic Mass is a great resource 
                          Follow us on Social Media 
                         Why read the Florida Catholic 
          e.  Helpful Links 
               i.  The Holy See 
               ii.  United States Council of Catholic Bishop (USCCB) 
               iii.  Word of Life 
               iv.  Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops 
               v.  Catholic News Agency 
          f.  Televised Catholic Mass 
               i.  Program Flyer (pdf) (jpeg)  
               ii.  Prayer for Spiritual Communion - English (doc) (jpeg) Spanish (jpeg) 
               iii.  Schedule:  updated 5-11-23                 
                     June 4   - St. Helen Church, Vero Beach, Reverend Nicholas Zrallack, Parochial Vicar 
                     June 11  - St. Helen Church, Vero Beach, Reverend Nicholas Zrallack, Parochial Vicar 
                     June 18  - The Cathedral of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop of Palm Beach 
                     June 25  - The Cathedral of Saint Ignatius Loyola, Reverend Brian King, Episcopal Secretary 

      5.  Hispanic Ministry - Ministerio Hispano 
           a.  Para Ti Hispano  (pdf) (jpg) - coming soon 
           b.  New Flyer, Connect with Us - Conecta con nosotros  
                 i.  half page (jpeg
                 ii.  quarter page (jpeg)
           c.  Retiro de Silencio - Silent Retreat - Aug. 4-6 (pdf)  added 5-18-23
           d.  Eucharistic Revival Deanery Holy Hour (png) added 5-18-23
                i.  Northern - 8-10-23 at St. Bernadette (jpg)
                ii.  Southern - 11-9-23 at St. Joan of Arc
                iii.  Central - 2-8-24 at St. Luke
                iv.   Cathedral - 4-11-24 at St. Peter
                v.  Cathedral - 6-6-24 at The Cathedral of St. Ignatius of Loyola

      6.  Marriage, Family Life, Faith Formation and Youth Ministry 
           a.  Marriage Preparation Schedule for Parishes 2023 
                i.  English webpage  (pdf) 
                ii.  Spanish webpage  
           b.  Unbound Prayer Ministry – 4th Saturday of the month or by special appointment 
                i.  Announcement - English (pdf) (jpg) 
                ii.  Unbound - video link 
           c.  Joy of the Family Newsletters  added 5/25/23 
           d.  Aug-Sep - DRE Meeting Dates (jpg)    added 5/26/23 

  7.  Our Lady Queen of Peace Cemetery 
            a.  Flyer - English (pdf), Spanish (pdf) 
            b.  Commercial Ad Video  
                i.  English 
                ii.  Spanish

      8.  School of Christian Formation Classes - Escuela de Formación Cristiana 
           a.  School of Christian Formation in English - 2022-2023 SCF Program (pdf
           b.  Escuela de Formación Cristiana en Español  - 2022-2023 Program (pdf
           c.  Escuela Diocesana de Formación Cristiana/Migrantes en Español - 22-23 Programa (pdf)

       9.  Vocations 
             a.  Vocations website 
             b.  2022-23 Seminarian Poster and Prayer Card  
                 i.  Poster with Seminarians (png
                 ii.  Prayer Card: 
                           Inside - Seminarians, English (png), Spanish (png
                           Outside - Prayer, English  (png), Spanish (png)  
             c.  Bulletin Blurbs - English (doc), Spanish (doc) updated 5/17/23
             d.  General Intercessions - English and Spanish
             e.  Pray for Priests
             f.  Pray for Deacons
             g.  Pray for Religious Men and Women 
             h.  Social media accounts added 5/17/23
                   i. Facebook:
                   ii. Instagram:
                   iii. Linktree:
             i.  QR code (png) (pdf) added 5/17/23