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Bambinelli Sunday

Sunday, December 12, 2021

(Tradition renewed by Pope Benedict XVI on Dec. 14, 2008)
People, usually children, bring figurines of the Christ Child to be placed in the Manger at home or for veneration during the Christmas season. The images may be blessed after the Prayer after Communion or at a separate ceremony (e.g. incorporated into the Angelus) after the Mass.

God, our Father
you so loved human kind
that you sent us your only Son Jesus,
born of the Virgin Mary,
to save us and lead us back to you.
We pray that with your Blessing
these images of Jesus,
who is about to come among us,
may be a sign of your presence and
love in our homes.
give your Blessing to us too,
to our parents, to our families and
to our friends.
Open our hearts,
so that we may be able to
receive Jesus in joy,
always do what he asks
and see him in all those
who are in need of our love.
We ask you this
in the name of Jesus,
your beloved Son
who comes to give the world peace.
He lives and reigns forever and ever.