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We're going back to school!


NetSmartz is excited to bring you these
new and updated resources for the 2015-2016 school year.

NSTeens Quizzes


“NetSmartz Generation”

Three new interactive quizzes engage students with Internet safety and digital citizenship issues. How much do your students know about online privacy? What kind of Internet user are they? Have them take the quizzes to find out.

In our newest NetSmartzKids rap, the kids of Clicky's NetSmartz Generation stand up to Wanta-Know Wally when he tries to steal their personal information. Empower your K-5 students with this catchy anthem!



Internet Safety Presentations

Teaching Digital Citizenship

Our recently updated presentations for Tweens, Teens, and Parents & Guardians are ideal for teachers, community leaders, and law enforcement officers. Download them now to get updated speaker's notes, statistics, and tips.

This online educator training was one of our most exciting new releases last school year. 1,000 educators have already earned their certificates. Join them and get tips on teaching online safety and digital citizenship to K-12 students.