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Accompanying the young church to an encounter with and conversion to Jesus Christ

Youth Ministry

Retreats, Conferences and Camps

Retreats, Conferences and Camps are what we consider “Mountain Top Experiences” and they offer individuals life changing encounters with God. We love and believe in the “Mountain Top Experience”, but our current focus as a diocese is ministry within the “Valley” or the accompanying of parishes in building sustainable youth ministry. We believe the valley is where parishes prepare young people for the ascent to the “Mountain Top” and accompany them in their descent back into the “Valley”. While in this season of building ministry in the “Valley”, we encourage parishes and individuals to take advantage of some of these time-tested experiences listed below. Let us know how we can help your group attend one of these mountain top experiences.

For more information on these and other Mountain Top experiences, contact Andy Baker, Coordinator Youth and Young Adult Ministry at (561) 775-9559 or

Inspire our actions Lord, and accompany them with your help, so that every word and action may always begin and end in you. Amen. - Excerpted from Roman Missal, ICEL