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Programs and Services

Ministerio Hispano

Below is a list of programs and services provided by the Office of Hispanic Ministry and offered to parishes.

  • Academic Night for Instructors of the School of Christian Formation (SCF): annual meeting with 60 instructors of the School of Christian Formation.
  • Adult Catholic Formation: The Escuela de Formación Cristiana offers twelve courses to be taken over three years. At the end of these classes, the participants receive the certificate of Agents of Evangelization.
  • Hispanic Encuentro (Annual Event): Every year during the month of May, representatives of all parishes, and their Hispanic Pastoral Teams are invited to gather together and share the works of ministry and evangelization. This “Encuentro” is a vital event for encouraging and renewing the commitment to continue working for the Kingdom of God, and for a stronger Church.
  • Silence Retreat (Annual Event): This weekend retreat is offered at Our Lady of Florida Spiritual Center in North Palm Beach during the third week in July. It starts Friday night and ends on Sunday.
  • Catechist Formation: The basic certificate formation (“Echoes of Faith”) is offered in Spanish in four workshops (3 hours in length each) in the format of two full Saturdays or four Saturday mornings. The advanced certificate is obtained at the completion of the three-year program of the Diocesan School of Christian Formation.
  • Couples Retreat: Four times a year, the Family Team of the Office of Hispanic Ministry offers a day-long retreat for renewal of marital life.
  • Liturgical Ministries Workshops: In cooperation with the Office of Liturgy, the Office of Hispanic Ministry offers a three hour workshop for Ministers of the Holy Communion, Lectors and Ushers, and a special full day workshop for Ministers of Liturgical Music.
  • Liturgical Music Seminar: Annual encounter of members of Music Ministry, six (6) hours of training by professional liturgical musicians.
  • Nuevo Horizone: Annual retreat for members of Post – Marriage (Divorced, separate, widows and single parents).
  • Parenting Education: The Office of Hispanic Ministry and a team of family educators (psychologists, teachers, physicians, and other professionals) offer to the families an educational program consisting of seven workshops. The topics of these workshops cover the most important issues in the matter of parenting, and how to educate and relate well with their children according to our Catholic values.
  • Pastoral Teams Formation: The aim of “communion and participation” in the pastoral efforts is rooted in the creation and strengthening of the engine teams. First of all, the Parish Pastoral Team, and as an important part of this central team are the Family Pastoral Team, and the Social Justice Team. A special set of workshops are in place to promote these teams. 
  • Young Adult Ministry: (Priest In-Charge Rev. Jaime Dorado)