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What the DSA Supports

Diocesan Services Appeal

What the DSA Supports

Programs and Ministries

Because of your generosity and support, The Diocesan Services Appeal is able to provide essential services in the Diocese of Palm Beach. Below are some of the many ministries and programs supported by this annual appeal.

Catholic Charities

Catholic Charities continues to be a steadfast example of the Church’s effort to follow Christ’s call to serve our brothers and sisters in need. This year more than 9,000 clients were served. Programs include promoting respect for life, counseling, elder affairs, immigration, pregnancy care, transitional housing for the homeless and prison ministry.


Marriage and Family Life

The Office of Marriage and Family Life helps to promote permanent, faithful, and fruitful unions between a man and a woman. Through a couple’s love, and God’s grace, they help to create a community of love within the family. The family is the “cradle of life” and the community through which the future of the world and Church passes. Our Marriage and Family Life Ministry strengthens and supports the entire “life-cycle” of our Catholic families to ensure our legacy of faith and evangelization will be passed on to future generations.



What is the most effective way of communicating today the Gospel of Jesus Christ? Experts would share how social media plays an integral role; that is, coupled with television, radio, newspaper, email, texting and the Internet. The Office of Communications successfully employs all of the current technologies available today.


Catholic Education and Faith Formation

Education remains critically important in the formation of the human person by teaching how to live well now, so as to be able to live with God for all eternity.

Catholic education and formation address the development of the whole person through spiritual and academic formation based on the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ. The mission of Catholic education is a vital part of the New Evangelization and presents the Gospel within our school and parish communities.

Our schools, faith formation, religious education and youth ministry programs, campus ministry outreach and RCIA contribute to the common good by developing active and caring members of the community.


Vocation, Seminary & Diaconate Formation

Vocation is a “call”. God gives each of us a particular mission in life. As we grow and progress spiritually in life, He makes His will known to us; many times in direct and quite often, indirect ways.

Priestly formation in the Diocese of Palm Beach ensures well-trained men will serve in the diocese representing the hallmark of vitality in a growing Church. Your support assists the funding of their education in preparing to be shepherds of the Church.

The Office of the Permanent Diaconate promotes and forms those men discerning God’s call to the Diaconate. With more than 103 deacons currently serving the Diocese of Palm Beach, these men assist the bishop and priests in their ministry to serve as “servant leaders” in our diocese.


Cultural Ministries

The Diocese of Palm Beach is a mosaic of cultures, traditions and people who have come to our area from all over the world in search of employment, family, and friendship. As the local Church, we embrace our ethnic communities: Hispanic, Haitian, African-American, Guatemalan, Filipino, Vietnamese, Portuguese/Brazilian and others. We lend a hand by assisting people to assimilate into the American culture and way of life, while maintaining the beauty and richness of their own customs and traditions.




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