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Papal Blessings


Papal Blessings, or Benediction Papalis, are inscribed certificates conferred by the Holy Father of the Roman Catholic Church to honor baptisms, confirmations, marriages, anniversaries and other special celebrations of the Catholic faith’s baptized members. A Papal Blessing features hand-painted calligraphy on parchment with the papal seal and signature, and the current Pope's picture.

Annette Russell in the Bishop’s Office is the contact person for Papal Blessings. The steps and procedures for requesting such a blessing are below.

Please note we advise against trying to obtain a Papal Blessing through the Internet or mail as they may be scams.

Procedure for Requests for Papal Blessings

Must have the pastor of the Church the person(s) receiving the blessing belong to, write a letter stating that they are Catholics in good standing.

Once we receive the letter from the pastor, we can then begin the process.

A check for the amount of the parchment, plus $15.00 shipping and handling cost made out to the Diocese of Palm Beach and mailed with the order form to:

Office of the Bishop
Diocese of Palm Beach
Post Office Box 109650
9995 N. Military Trail
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-9650