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Buildings, Construction & Properties


Our Mission

The Office of Building and Construction is here to work in collaboration with our Parishes and Schools towards the successful completion of new construction projects, renovation projects, remodeling, additions, and maintenance to provide safe and efficient facilities.

The Office of Building & Construction is here to assist our Parishes and Schools by:

  • Being a liaison between diocesan offices, designs teams and contractors to ensure all diocesan policies and procedures are followed.
  • Assisting in the selection of contractors and design professionals.
  • Assisting in Insurance compliance for vendors and contractors doing work at our parishes and school.
  • Providing building assessments and roof consulting services in collaboration with the Office of Insurance and Employee Services to help provide guidance on maintenance and maintaining safe facilities.
  • Oversee design and construction at our parishes and schools.
  • Ensure all applicable codes and laws are followed to ensure compliance and safety.