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Pornography & Addiction Healing

Pornography & Addiction Healing

Prayer & Healing Resources

Pornography & Addiction Healing

Congratulations! You have taken the first step toward healing and wholeness.

The resources below represent Catholic, Christian and, on occasion, secular organizations that provide support services and resources for individuals and families. Please note that the diocese does not oversee and is not responsible for the activity of these services and organizations.

For more resources and other programs, please reach out to your local parish.

Click here to view Parish Locations. 

Catholic Resources


  • The Healing Church - Fight pornography as a healing church. The Healing Church cuts through the confusion. Discern how porn undermines ministry in your church. Understand how porn affects men and women differently and how to help them. 

  • Restoring Trust - While pornography is the fastest growing epidemic in America, there is hope for couples suffering from this problem. Licensed clinical therapist Dr. Peter C. Kleponis, Ph.D., examines this issues, educates Catholics on the epidemic, and presents a plan to help heal and restore marriages that have been damaged by pornography addiction.

  • Integrity Restored: Helping Catholic Families Win the Battle Against Pornography is now available in Spanish. 

    The book takes an in-depth look at just how far the epidemic of pornography has spread. Pornography used to be considered “a men’s issue”, but now is increasingly sought after by women as well and is destroying marriages and robbing children’s innocence. This book includes real-life stories of people from all states of life – men, women, clergy, and teens – who were addicted to pornography and have found healing. There is hope. There is healing!

    Of course, the plague of pornography does not only affect the English-speaking world but people of all ethnicities and backgrounds. The book’s release in Spanish is an important step towards informing an increasing number of people about the dangers of pornography and how to seek healing.

Computer Filters

  • Covenant Eyes - Screen Accountability 

  • Canopy - Keep your family safer online. Canopy’s app automatically detects and blocks pornographic images and videos on every single website on the internet, giving parents confidence that their families are safe in the digital world. 

  • Net Nanny - Monitor, Limit and Protect. The best parental control to keep your kids and family safe online.

Residential Programs and Facilities

  • Dunklin - offers an 11-month non-denominational residential program located in Florida where men can be restored from addiction.

  • Faith Farm Ministries - Offers a residential, faith-based recovery program for drug and alcohol addiction recovery.

  • Cenacolo America - Is a Catholic residential community offering a family approach to recovery and healing from addiction.