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Family Life Ministry


We believe that it all starts with the family, the domestic church.

“While all members of the family are called to live out the foundational Christian virtues, fathers and mothers have a special responsibility for fostering these virtues within their children. They are the first to proclaim the faith to their children. They are responsible for nurturing the vocation of each child, showing by example how to live the married life, and taking special care if a child might be called to the priesthood or consecrated life.”

– USCCB, Marriage: Love and Life in the Divine Plan, 2009 

Our goal is to help parishes reach parents & families and support them in their journey of faith as they live out their God-given call to raise their children in the faith.

See below for various ministries and resources to support parents & families.

Inspire our actions Lord, and accompany them with your help, so that every word and action may always begin and end in you. Amen. - Excerpted from Roman Missal, ICEL