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Employee Health & Wellness

Employee Health and Wellness Program

It is the mission of the Diocese of Palm Beach’s Employee Health and Wellness Program to implement initiatives that encourage employees to develop healthier lifestyle choices, to cut health-risk factors, to adopt habits and behaviors that contribute to their overall positive well-being, and to maintain a productive, active work force.*

A Message from the Wellness Coordinator

The Diocese of Palm Beach’s Step Into Wellness Program is designed to be engaging, interactive and fun. Most importantly though, it is our hope that through your participation, employees will become more aware of the steps needed to obtain or maintain a healthy lifestyle. Whether it is learning how to make better food choices to simple ways to incorporate activity into your daily routine, we want you to be healthy and happy!

Every employee in the diocese is encouraged to take part and participate in the various wellness activities that take place throughout the year.  We offer several Health Fairs in multiple locations, Lunch ‘n Learn Educational Programs and Walking Challenges.  We encourage you to let us know if there is a specific topic, activity or program that you would like to be presented at your work location.

Please contact me via phone or email with your suggestions and ideas.

We look forward to your input and are excited about your enthusiasm and motivation to reach your personal health goals.


In Good Health,
Carol Waring
Wellness Coordinator


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