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DSA Materials

2023 DSA

1. 2023 DSA Timeline

2. 2023 DSA Training

3. 2023 DSA Transmittal Form

2023 DSA: Transmittal Form

4. Parishioner Contact Information

2023 DSA: Parishioner Contact Information Excel File Download

5. Data Entry Procedures for Parishes

2023 DSA: Data Entry Procedures for Parishes Download Instructions

6. 2023 DSA FTP Site

How to access the FTP Site: Download Instructions

7. Website Landing Page


8. 2023 DSA Videos

DSA Videos
English - Full Video: -This year’s theme, “We, though many, are one body, for we all partake of the one loaf” (1 Corinthians 10:17), echoes our devotion to the Eucharist. Though we are scattered across multiple counties, varying by age, culture, and background, we are gathered by our faith in Christ and our love for the Eucharist. Throughout our nation, we are participating in a National Eucharistic Revival, striving to strengthen our commitment to Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, the source and summit of our Catholic faith.

Spanish - Full Video: El tema de este año, “Nosotros, aunque somos muchos, formamos un solo Cuerpo, porque participamos de ese único pan”. (1 Cor 10:17), refleja nuestra devoción a la Eucaristía. Aunque estamos dispersos en varios condados, variamos en edad, cultura y diferentes generaciones, estamos unidos por nuestra fe en Cristo y nuestro amor por la Eucaristía. En toda nuestra nación, como un cuerpo unido en Cristo, participamos en el Avivamiento Eucarístico Nacional, mientras nos esforzamos por fortalecer nuestro compromiso con Jesucristo en la Eucaristía, la fuente y cumbre de nuestra fe católica.

Creole - Full Video:èm apèl anyèl ane sa a se “Nou menm tou, nou te mèt anpil, nou fè yon sèl kò, paske se yon sèl pen an nou separe bay tout moun” (1 Kor. 10:17). Tèm sa a se espesyal pou nou, paske kounye a n ap patisipe nan Revèy Ekaristik Nasyonal la pou enspire yon rankont renouvle ak Jezi nan Ekaristi a- ki sous ak somè lafwa Katolik nou an. 

English - Thank you Message: -Thank you from Bishop to donors of 2023 DSA.. -1:53 long.


Vocations:  - - Director, Fr. Daniel speaks on how the DSA helps the vocation director create and carry out programs and opportunities for seminarians to discern their vocation.-  44 seconds long.
Seminarians: - - Seminaries are not places where men walk around in silence all day chanting in Latin. Rather, they are places of joy, camaraderie, and deep learning!  With the help of the DSA, the seminarians are able to enter into a deeper relationship with God and prepare themselves for their calling as priests. – 38 seconds long.
Marriage Preparation: - - DSA helps marriage preparation leaders to bring couples into a formal setting to learn basic skills of communication, finances, and parenthood as well as strategies to protect their marriage by making God the center of their lives. Funding these programs is an investment in our local communities and society at large. – 52 seconds long.
Faith Formation and Youth Ministry: - The youth need a place where they can be understood and transparent because there are not many places where they can be open and not judged.  The DSA is a resource that provides mentor training in each parish in order to connect with and help the youth of today.  – 48 seconds long.
Catholic Charities: - - Birthline/Lifeline provides services to women who are or may be pregnant or have young children, and father’s who may be impacted by pregnancy. Clients are empowered through the services to make positive life-affirming decisions for themselves and their children.  Services are free of charge.  - 43 seconds long.
Catholic Charities: - The mobile units enable us to greatly expand our ability to reach out to pregnant women right where they are, with a message of hope, love, and respect for life. The units are equipped with surround sound and a large screen monitor so that the mother will have an enlarged, clear view of the baby and hear the baby’s heartbeat. Women choosing life are referred to the Birthline/Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Centers and other providers for additional support, including medical and financial assistance, parenting classes, counseling services, and more.  – 39 seconds long.
Strengthening Marriage: - - Strengthening marriages is of paramount importance for the Diocese, not only for the diocese community but for our nation.  On average, 300 couples come through the program every year and with the DSA we are able to fund the resources that are needed to train leaders and offer retreats. – 31 seconds long.
Religious Education: - people are looking to social media influencers to form their own opinions and not all information is good.  The DSA supports our ministry so we are able to listen to what young adults are saying and to let them know they are important as they are the future of our church. – 47 seconds long.


9. 2023 DSA Logos and QR Code

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Downloadable Zip File: DSA LOGOS

10. Bishop's Letters

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Downloadable Zip File: Bishop's Letters

11. 2023 What the DSA Supports

12. 2023 DSA Bulletin and Ambo Announcements

13. DSA Graphic - Theme

14. DSA Graphic - Now Underway

15. DSA Graphic - Pledge

16. Seasonal Resident Resources

17. Registered Parishioners and Visitors Resources

18. DSA Graphic - General Announcements

All jpgs are in the Downloadable Zip Files Below

Downloadable Zip File: DSA Bulletin English

Downloadable Zip File: DSA Bulletin Spanish

Downloadable Zip File: DSA Bulletin Creole

19. DSA Graphic - Social Media

20. DSA Brochures

Downloadable Zip Files Below Contain PDFs of Brochures

Download 2023 DSA Brochure English

Download 2023 DSA Brochure Spanish

Download 2023 DSA Brochure Creole

21. DSA Brochure Photos

22. DSA Graphic - Poster

23. Prayers of the Faithful

24. Thermometer