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Living the Truth in Love: Mary Before Us in Holy Week

During Holy Week we encounter the Lord as He stands before us in a personal manner as the one who came to redeem us by giving His life, unjustly condemned as a criminal, upon the Cross.  As the Lord encounters us this week in this most intimate manner, it is well for us to consider carefully our

Living the Truth in Love: Unplanned

A new movie is to appear in certain theaters on March 29 which is most fitting for the season of Lent. The movie is a very personal and moving story of the powerful deception of evil and the more powerful reality of love, conversion, forgiveness, outreach to those in difficult times, the meaning

Living the Truth in Love: God Speaks Within Us

We just sprang ahead by moving the clock forward one hour.  While we have slowly been enjoying evenings of more daylight, the springing ahead one hour made the extra daylight even more obvious.  In a certain sense we can say that, by our pushing the clock ahead, the longer days come about by two

Living the Truth in Love - God is Young, God is Old, God is Now because God is Love

Lent will soon be upon us. We are blessed with a period of 40 days to prepare ourselves for the celebration of Easter. We do this by looking deeply within ourselves and in a particular way, letting ourselves be turned more to God's presence in our lives each day. As we prepare to take up certain

Living the Truth in Love: The Heart of February -The Heart of it all

February is in many ways a transitional month. The holidays are now part of the past and we naturally look to something to engage us. We are blessed in southern Florida with very comfortable weather during the winter months and do not experience the doldrums that the cold and wintry weather can

Living the Truth in Love: He appointed Twelve to be with Him

  The beginning of this new year, 2019, was a very special time for the bishops of the United States. We gathered together at the University of Saint Mary of the Lake, Mundelein, Illinois, outside of Chicago, for a rather focused retreat. While the bishops of the country gather for a retreat in

Living the Truth in Love: The Pope's Birthday Cake

We have just entered the new year of 2019. A new year brings a great deal of hope for renewed outlook on life which includes resolutions we sometimes make. As we begin the year and undertake our resolutions, we may liken the occasion of the new year to that of a birthday. Pope Francis recently

Living the Truth in Love: The Music and Art of Christmas

During the Christmas season we hear a great deal of music from popular Christmas songs to beautiful Christmas hymns and moving classical pieces such as Handel’s Messiah. The sounds of Christmas many times move us to happy memories as well as emotional responses, such as the tears that sometimes

Living the Truth in Love: A Beautiful Life

  On December 8, we celebrate the patronal feast of our country, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The feast is a most important one for us as it points to the prominent role that Mary has in our lives of faith.  Last year on the Solemnity of the Immaculate

Living the Truth in Love: The Apostolate of the Ear

  The season of Advent is upon us. Advent affords us the opportunity to prepare ourselves to celebrate the Birth of Christ at Christmas. It brings to us time to listen to the Lord as He speaks to us each and every day in our lives. There is a certain quietness that is appropriate for the Advent