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Permanent Deacons

Office of Permanent Deacons

(a program of the Diaconate Ministry)
The Office for Permanent Deacons is to provide assistance to the college of deacons of the Diocese of Palm Beach in areas pertaining to their life and ministry.

Is God calling you to serve Him as a Permanent Deacon?

The thought has crossed your mind, or perhaps others have suggested that you consider looking into the possibility of becoming a “Permanent Deacon”.

Just what does this entail? Well for starters, the Second Vatican Council, as the Council of Trent before it, called for the restoration of the permanent diaconate as one among three permanent and independent orders within the sacrament of Holy Orders. The words “deacon” and “diaconate” come from the Greek word diakonia which means “service” or “ministry”. A deacon then, is ordained by the Church for what the Second Vatican Council synthesized as service to the word, service to the altar, and service to charity.

The process of becoming a permanent deacon in the Diocese of Palm Beach begins with your discernment or God’s call through prayer and reflection. The next step is to discuss your interest and questions with your Spiritual Director and then your Pastor. If your Pastor approves, you may download the application from the Deacon Formation Web Page or call the Office of Permanent Diaconate Formation".

Currently the process entails five years of study, prayer, human and pastoral preparation at St. Vincent de Paul Regional Seminary in Boynton Beach.