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Come to Worship; Leave to Serve: St. Sebastian Catholic Church reaches 25th anniversary year

SEBASTIAN - If you happen to stop by St. Sebastian Catholic Church in Sebastian, Florida, don’t think you’ll be able to slip in unnoticed or leave anonymously. Along with an exuberant group of volunteers who make it their mission to ensure everyone feels welcome at the parish, Father John Morrisey, pastor, greets each and every person before Mass begins.

“Our hospitality has a lot to do with Father John Morrissey and his welcoming personality,” said longtime parishioner and Parish Council President Kathy Terrebonne. “In addition to Father John’s warm greeting and welcome before each Mass, we have a Newcomers Ministry that reaches out to every new person who comes to visit or becomes a new parishioner. More than 30 volunteers comprise our Greeters Ministry, whose sole purpose is to make sure everyone feels welcome.”

In addition to the warm welcome, Father Morrisey makes a point of inviting visitors to come back and get involved. That invitation to participate is a large part of the reason why St. Sebastian Church, which started as St. William Mission with approximately 90 families in 1964, is preparing to celebrate its silver jubilee with more than 2,000 families.

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