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The Florida Catholic

Presence makes difference even when clinic is closed

Heather Grall Barwick, 40 Days for Life leader in Port St. Lucie, shared with the Florida Catholic a story about a volunteer who is a sidewalk advocate outside A Woman’s World abortion clinic. The volunteer’s name has been omitted for privacy and the story has been edited for clarity. 

 “One Sunday, a group (of advocates) gathered at the vigil site (A Woman’s World abortion clinic) in the early evening. One of the volunteers was having a discussion with a member of our local leadership team about the benefit of praying at the clinic when the clinic is closed. The volunteer said it didn’t make sense (since women were not actively undergoing procedures there that day). The leader said that the community needed the witness testifying to the evil done at the clinic, and that people needed to see that there were those who did not agree with the murder of babies. The volunteer was not convinced.

“(The advocates) started their prayers when the rest of the volunteers arrived. As they were finishing the chaplet, a car stopped and the woman in the front seat started shouting at them, ‘Don’t stop doing what you are doing! The whole community is watching you. We are behind you!’” 

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