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Ambassadors for Christ live the faith in today’s corporate marketplaces

JUPITER  |  What inspires businessmen and women to consider their need for God? How can a follower of Christ battle daily temptations in the workplace – morally, ethically and legally?

Without the support of like-minded colleagues who are grounded in the Word of God, practice their faith and allow the spirit to spill out into the world, life can be a desert. Legatus is a professional association that hopes to support members of Legatus to become better Catholic Christians. Its mission statement is to increase members’ positive impact on the world.

According to its website, Legatus is a charitable membership organization for “Catholic business leaders and spouses, exists to help members become ambassadors for Christ nurturing four key aspects of their lives - faith, family, community, and business.” Through Legatus, those in corporate realms of power who often face with challenges to their values maintain fellowship among peers of like-minded Catholic businesspeople. The criteria for membership is tiered, based on positions in the fields of manufacturing, sales and service markets along with the number of personnel and net assets/valuation of their respective company.

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