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A message from Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito regarding the Maui wildfires


“As a Diocesan family, we continue to pray for all those so adversely affected by the devastating wildfires which occurred this month in Maui, Hawaii. This loss of life, home and property is overwhelming and continues to be determined. In faith, we pray that the Lord’s healing presence will be a source of strength for our brothers and sisters in Maui at this time, and we invoke the intercession of Mary, our Mother, in a special way.

There is a great need for material assistance as expressed in a letter (below) from the Bishop of Honolulu, Most Reverend Larry Silva. As Bishop Silva requests, financial assistance can be made directly to the Diocese of Honolulu to respond to the needs from the fires at All of this is available on our Diocesan website, where the contributions can be made.

Above all, let us continue to pray.”

Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito
August 24, 2023


Click here to download the letter from Most Reverend Larry Silva, Bishop of Honolulu.