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Luncheons for Life at St. Juliana

Join us for lunch with Friends of Foster Children

At Friends of Foster Children, our mission is fostering happy childhoods by enriching lives impacted by foster care. Our vision is to provide services, support and education to overcome the effects of child abuse and neglect. Lastly, our hope is that every child fostered within our reach feels safe, valued and cared for, enjoys the fullness life has to offer and looks ahead to a future unlimited by their past.

Guest Speakers:
Mariana Lopes joined Friends of Foster Children in 2020 and has grown with the agency over the last 3 years. Her current role is serving as Community Relations Specialist for the agency. In this role, Mariana handles all communications, recruits and trains volunteers, organizes small-scale fundraising events, oversees social media, and networks in the community. She looks forward to building connections with local businesses and organizations to continue to benefit children in foster care.

Danielle Gifford joined Friends of Foster Children in 2022 and brought along 6 years of child welfare experience. Danielle is the Foster Navigator with Friends of Foster Children. In this role, she recruits new foster parents, helps support them through their journey of becoming foster parents, and continues to provide education and services once the home is licensed. Danielle’s hope is to grow the number of foster homes in Palm Beach County so that children can stay connected to the community that they know.

Luncheons 4 Life ("L4L") brings together life-affirming organizations:

- Pregnancy care centers
- Crisis maternity homes
- Abortion pill reversal care
- Adoption and foster care placement
- Abstinence ministries
- Support after abortion counseling
- Sidewalk advocacy teams
- Clergy of all faiths

... and caring individuals witnessing for pro-life, over a great meal -- 100% free to all attendees -- to end the demand for abortion in the greater Palm Beach County area.

There is no cost for the luncheon, no request for donations, and it is not a platform for political agendas.

The purpose of Luncheons 4 Life is to open communication channels among participants through the grass roots, person-to-person networking process.

This is a networking event so bring your business cards, your organization's literature, pens and notepads -- and of course, your appetite -- you're going to need them all!

(Note: Luncheons 4 Life events are often "sold out". Reservations are required and can only be made by contacting Mary Ellen or your coordinators. For additional information or questions please call or text your local event coordinator, Deanna Herbst, Respect Life Admin, 561-312-4847, or Jonathan Knaus, 561-603-8303.