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Magnificat Breakfast

MAGNIFICAT PALM BEACH invites you to join us on Saturday, August 21, 2021 from 10 am - 1 pm for our breakfast. We will hear Fr. Brian Flanagan's testimony, spend time in fellowship, praise & worship, and have time for personal prayer.

Guest Speaker: Fr. Brian Flanagan, Pastor Emeritus of St. Patrick Catholic Church and past Spiritual Moderator of our Magnificat chapter

Father Brian grew up as a cradle Catholic in a family of eight children. His parents Jack and Harriet sent their children to Catholic school through college. They prayed the rosary nightly as a family and were involved in parish activities. In many ways a typical Catholic family of the 1950's. Fr Brian from the age of 5 wanted to become a priest and actually contacted the Maryknoll Missionaries in 8th grade about attending the high school seminary. They advised him to attend regular high school and stay in touch. Fr Brian was in high school from 1962-1966, during Vatican II. He attended college from 1966-1970, the Viet Nam war era. When he finished his education he wasn't sure what we believed anymore, so much had changed. He never stopped praying but became an occasional Mass attendee. In the 1980's while teaching at South Tech in Boynton Beach a friend had the opportunity to go on pilgrimage to Medjugorje. She asked Fr Brian if he would like her to ask the Blessed Mother anything for him, sarcastically he said," ask her what God wants from me." He learned don't ask the Blessed Mother anything you don't want to know. Come and join us to hear the rest of the story; a celebration of God's grace, mercy and love.