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St. Jude the Apostle relic makes local stop

St. Jude Relic

For seemingly impossible causes, people often go to St. Jude the Apostle to seek answers and assistance. This month, he is coming here to the Diocese of Palm Beach in the form of a relic. The arm of the apostle St. Jude Thaddeus, which is on a United States tour, is being brought to two parishes in the diocese: Saturday, Feb. 24, at St. Jude, 21689 Toledo Road in Boca Raton; and Monday, Feb. 26, at St. Peter, 1701 Indian Creek Parkway, Jupiter.

Special Masses are planned at both parishes. In Boca Raton, the liturgy will be at 1 p.m. with veneration of the relic immediately afterward until 8 p.m. In Jupiter, veneration will begin at 2 p.m., Mass at 7 p.m. and veneration until 10 p.m. The relic’s pilgrimage, titled “Apostle of the Impossible: The Tour of the Relics of St. Jude the Apostle,” began in September 2023 and will continue through May 2024, marking the first time the relic has been out of Italy. The tour offers a unique opportunity for devotees and the curious to experience a connection with one of the most venerated figures in Christian history. 

According to a news release on the tour, St. Jude’s body was buried in the place of his martyrdom but was transferred to Rome during the time of Emperor Constantine. His tomb rests directly below the main altar of the left transept of St. Peter’s Basilica. Several centuries ago, his arm was removed and placed in a simple wooden reliquary carved in the shape of a priestly arm imparting a blessing. The relic is accompanied by Father Carlos Martins, a custos reliquiarum (ecclesiastically-appointed curate of relics) and director of Treasures of the Church. 

The Catholic tradition of venerating relics is not worship but a way to honor and draw near to the saints and to petition for their prayers since they are with God. For information on the veneration of relics and the tour, visit For a listing of all events in the diocese, go to