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Pro-Life leaders create coalition to stop extreme Florida abortion bill

Too Extreme

A grassroots team has come together to stop the extreme abortion amendment pushing for placement on the 2024 ballot. The initiative campaign for the deceptively-titled "Amendment to Limit Government Interference with Abortion" has collected enough petitions to qualify for the ballot, and Florida's Supreme Court heard oral arguments on February 7 to determine whether the language of the proposed amendment is clear and covers only a single subject. 

If the court approves this amendment for placement on the ballot, your help will be needed to spread the truth: this amendment doesn't limit abortion regulation; it prohibits abortion regulation. The amendment does not define "viability," "health care provider," or "patient's health" and the ballot summary fails to communicate to voters the chief purpose of the amendment - legalizing abortion until the moment of birth. 

Florida Voters Against Extremism, organized by the collaborative effort of pro-life leaders in the state, has put in place the structure necessary to run a statewide campaign. A website has been created to tell Florida voters that this deceptive amendment is not what it seems. You can find more information, sign-up for emails, or make a donation to stop this extreme abortion amendment at

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