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Group Responses

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Reflection Questions:

In light of the story from the Gospel of Luke, reflect on and discuss the following questions: 

Who accompanies you on your faith journey? Who do you accompany on their faith journey?
What does your relationship with Jesus look like? How does that relationship shape your daily life? (Ex. Prayer, Scripture, Eucharist, Adoration, Devotions, Ministry, etc.)
What makes you feel like you belong to the Church? How does the Church reach out to you and respond to your needs?
What inspires you in your relationship with Jesus? How important are prayer and liturgical celebrations in guiding your participation in the Church?
What fears, doubts or confustion about the faith inhibit or affect your participation in the faith? Where do you go to share your concerns?
In what ways are you called to share your gifts and talents with the Church community? How do you voice concerns or ideas about ministry needs in the local Church?
What about the faith makes your "heart burn within" you? How do you share that excitement and awe with others outside your immediate family?
In what ways have you dialogued or collaborated with believers of other religions or those with no religious affiliation?
How can we, the Church, authentically witness the Gospel to those on the "outside" who live on the fringes of society whether it be economic, social, or religious?

Is there anything else the Group would like to share with us?