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May 2014 Parish Bulletin Announcements and Related Fliers

May 2014 Bulletin Announcements May 2014 Related Fliers of Bulletin Announcements May 2014 Word of Life (English & Español)   Flier - Memorial Day Mass at the diocesan cemetery (use for Bulletin Insert, on bulletin board, etc.)

March 2014 Announcements & Flyers (and additions)

March 2014 Bulletin Announcements March 2014 Bulletin Announcement Flyers   Additions - March 2014 Bulletin Anouncements Additions - March 2014 Bulletin Announcement Flyers  

Movie "Son of God" Resources

  On Friday, February 28, the movie Son of God will open in theaters nationwide. This feature-length film tells the story of Jesus from his birth to his Resurrection in an inviting and compelling presentation. Just like the hugely successful recent airing on the History Channel of the

DSA Materials

This listing contains the PDFs and hyperlinks needed for parish bulletins and websites.

February 2014 Bulletin Announcements & Flyers

  February 2014 Bulletin Announcements February 2014 Bullentin Announcements (Updated) February 2014 Bulletin Announcement Flyers February 2014 Bulletin Announcement Flyers (Updated) Addition - World Marriage Day materials (includes prayer amd bulletin announcement)

January 2014 - Announcement Additions

Additions to the January 2014 announcements include information on Roe v. Wade anniversary and forms/instrucitons for the Anniversary Masses. It is suggested to use the information below as well as information in the addition PDF: 2014 January Announcement Additions 2014 January

January 2014 Bulletin Announcements & Flyers

  January 2014 Bulletin Announcements January 2014 Bulletin Announcement Flyers

December 2013 Bulletin Announcements & Flyers

  December 2013 Bulletin Announcements December 2013 Bulletin Announcement Flyers Bulletin Wording for Vatican Consultation

November 2013 Bulletin Announcements & Flyers

  November 2013 Bulletin Announcements November 2013 Bulletin Announcement Flyers November 2013 Addition Bulletin Announcement Flyers

October 2013 Bulletin Announcements & Flyers

  Bishop Barbarito's Thank you letter (for his anniversary gifts. This letter is to be printed in bulletins) October 2013 Bulletin Announcements October 2013 Bulletin Announcement Flyers Bishop Barbarito's letter for Respect Life Sunday (posted to web 9/23. This letter is to br