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Living the Truth in Love: Happy Anniversary to the Florida Catholic

It is a great joy for me to congratulate the Florida Catholic on its 75th Anniversary.  For seventy-five years the Florida Catholic has been an outstanding instrument of informing and inspiring the faithful of Florida in regard to the Church.  From the news of a papal election to a story

Living the Truth in Love: Our Mother and Our Friend

October is the month of the Rosary.  During this month we concentrate our attention on Mary, our Blessed Mother, who leads us to her Son as we continue on our journey of faith in this life.  October is also a special month for us in the Diocese of Palm Beach as we celebrate our anniversary as a

Living the Truth in Love: Open Your Hearts to Life

October is the month that vividly reminds us of the cycle of the seasons. Fall has already begun and we can clearly see the days growing shorter in daylight as well as the longer shadows cast upon the earth in the evening hours. While in southern Florida we do not experience the changing of the

Living the Truth in Love: Fifty Years a Blessing

Living the Truth in Love: Fifty Years a Blessing Sept. 27, 2013   One of the primary resources of a diocese is its seminary. The seminary is the place in which future priests discern their vocations, grow in their spiritual lives and are formed in the pastoral and academic skills they

Living the Truth in Love: Let What You Do Come From the Heart, a Homily for Diaconate Ordination

Homily for Diaconate Ordination September 7, 2013   My brothers, Dennis, Pete, Juan and Henry, today is a significant day for you, your families and for all of us in the Diocese of Palm Beach.  After many years of discernment, prayer and study, you are to be ordained as deacons for

Living the Truth in Love: Knock at the Door of Mary’s House

This month of August we will be celebrating two significant feasts in honor of of our Blessed Mother, Mary. Both of them are reminders of the ultimate goal which is all of ours -- heaven. Both also remind us of the qualities of life through which Mary reached this goal in a perfect manner.  August

Living the Truth in Love: The Angelus

Every Sunday at noon, Roman time, thousands of people gather in St. Peter's Square to pray the Angelus with the Pope.  On this occasion, the Pope greets the people and pilgrims who have come and imparts a blessing and simple message to them.  This wonderful tradition has been an occasion for people

Living the Truth in Love: Freedom and the Precious Blood of Christ

We conclude our commemoration this year of the Fortnight for Freedom as we celebrate the foundational feast of our great nation, the Fourth of July.  During the Fortnight for Freedom we have prayed in a singular manner for our nation founded upon the right of all men and women to practice their

Living the Truth in Love: St. Thomas More and the Fortnight for Freedom

In my previous column I reflected upon a great saint whose feast we celebrate during the month of June - St. Anthony of Padua. During this month, on June 22, we also celebrate another great saint in the life of the Church - St. Thomas More. St. Anthony and St. Thomas More lived at different

Living the Truth in Love: St. Anthony – Son of St. Francis

Pope Francis has brought a great deal of attention to the saint from whom he has taken his name as shepherd of the universal Church. St. Francis of Assisi is well known for his deep spirituality which was able to see God in creation and in the poor. Francis of Assisi has always been one of the