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Living the Truth in Love: On the Dignity of Human Labor

  Labor Day and the days before remind us of the occupations and work in which we are daily involved.  In Florida, young people have already been back to school for a few weeks and those entering college begin a new task and face new challenges ahead of them.  Vacation time and getting away are

Living the Truth in Love: The Slippery Slope of Abortion

The investigative videos regarding Planned Parenthood's involvement in the marketing of human organs and tissue obtained from aborted babies are gravely disturbing and unsettling.  The matter emphasizes the truth of Pope Francis’ assertion that abortion is the product of a "throwaway culture" and

Living the Truth in Love: A Central Intervention

In the readings for Sunday Mass this year, the Gospel of St. John has interrupted the Gospel of St. Mark with a very important insertion.  It is the sixth chapter of the Gospel of St. John which centers on Jesus teaching on the Eucharist.  The Sunday cycle of readings is divided into three years,

Living the Truth in Love: Mary Will Always Be With Her Children

Pope Francis has concluded his historic visit to Latin America during the days from July 8 through 12.  The visit was filled with an expression of tremendous faith on the part of the people as well as that of the Pope so well expressed in his spirit filled words.  At the conclusion of his visit in

Living the Truth in Love: Much to Reflect Upon

The beginning of the summer has brought with it a few issues in the national and international news, which go to the very center of the meaning of life and the freedom of our existence.  One is the horrible attack on life and faith in the Charleston, South Carolina Emmanuel African Methodist

Living the Truth in Love: Pope Francis – Quite the Monk!

In late May, Pope Francis gave an interview to the journalist Juan Barretta of the Argentine newspaper, La Voz del Pueblo (The Voice of the People).  The interview was very similar to others which the Pope has given in which he shares his personal observations on his life, his ministry and the

Living the Truth in Love: The Devotion of Pope Francis to Mary

Of the many gifts which Pope Francis has publicly given to the Church, one of them is his deep personal devotion to Mary and his encouragement of all those in the Church to have such a devotion.  In his Angelus address on the Solemnity of All Saints on November 1, 2014, the Pope stated that, "In the

Living the Truth in Love: The Mary Month of May

I write this column on May 12 and already so many wonderful events have occurred during this month in the Diocese of Palm Beach.  May truly is a month filled with many celebrations which reflect the essence of our faith and fill us with hope for the future.  Rather than calling it the "Merry Month

Living the Truth in Love: Marriage, the Trinity and the Month of May

May is a month commonly associated with marriage. Many a celebration of marriage takes place in May since it is a month associated with the new life of springtime and the beauty that accompanies it.  Marriage gives life both in regard to the spouses who enter into it as well as to the children which

Living the Truth in Love: Rest for the Weary

In his Chrism Mass homily to the priests of Rome on April 2, Pope Francis spoke about the weariness which naturally priests can experience.  He himself admitted that he reflects upon and prays regarding this weariness often especially when he also is tired.  However, the Pope speaks of this