June 16, 2019
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Father’s Day

In June, we celebrate St. Joseph, the spouse of Mary and the Father of Jesus. The life of St. Joseph serves as a model: his role as a husband and head of the Holy Family. You will recall when Joseph found out Mary, his fiancé, was pregnant, he wanted to divorce her. But then he received a message from an angel. He then sacrificed personal honor and reputation to obey God and protected Mary and Jesus.

On June 16 as we celebrate Father’s Day, may we take the time to recognize our fathers who answered “yes” to the vocation of fatherhood. May we understand the sacrifices they made for us, how they serve as our protectors from harm, and the guidance they provide. May we find inspiration in the special role they play in our lives and in bringing us closer to God. Please pray for our Holy Father, and for your fathers, grandfathers and godfathers.


A Happy and Blessed Father’s Day to all!


A Blessing for Fathers from the Book of Blessings
God our Father, in your wisdom and love you made all things.
Bless these men, that they may be strengthened as Christian fathers.
Let the example of their faith and love shine forth.
Grant that we, their sons and daughters, may honor them always with a spirit of profound respect.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.


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