Diocese of Palm Beach Continues to Inform on Sede Vacante & Papal Transition

Sede Vacante & Papal Transition

The Diocese of Palm Beach wishes to keep its Catholic family informed of the latest information on Benedict XVI’s resignation, the upcoming Conclave, Papal transition and the selection a new Pope. Below is information of interest, prayers and special links.


The Sede Vacante

On Thursday, February 28, at 8 p.m. Vatican time (2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time), the See of Peter officially became vacant. The Vatican and Catholic Church entered into a sede vacante which is Latin and translates to “vacant see,” meaning that the see (or the diocese) of Rome is without a bishop. The Pope is considered the Bishop of Rome. There is another term for this transition period which is the Interregnum, a reference to the days when popes were also temporal monarchs who reigned over vast territories. This situation has almost always been created by the death of a pope, but it may also be created by resignation.


To view our detailed Sede Vacante and Papal Transition web page, please click here

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