Bishop Barbarito Invites the Faithful to Consult on Vatican Synod on Family

**Page updated 12/12/2014**


In October 2014, Pope Francis will convene a Synod of Bishops to review and discuss Pastoral Challenges to the Family in the Context of Evangelization. In preparation for the Synod, the Holy See has asked bishops throughout the world to consult broadly with others in their diocese on matters pertaining to family life. The Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito is asking priests, deacons, religious and lay faithful of the diocese to be part of this important initiative.


The questions from the Holy See are intended to collect “experiences and proposals in proclaiming and living the Gospel of the Family in a credible manner.” In 2015, the Vatican will convene a follow-up assembly that will seek to develop “guidelines in the pastoral care of the person and the family.”


Among the areas explored in the consultation are: pastoral programs for engaged and married couples; pastoral programs for divorced and remarried people; the nullificiation of the marriage process; and cohabitation.


It should be noted that the consultation is not a public opinion poll, but intended to be a prayerful reflection and response to challenges facing family life. At the beginning of the consultation instrument,  the faithful will find a link to the background catechesis which they are asked to read.


The online instrument will be utilized to collate all responses submitted. Individuals who are unable to answer all of the questions are asked to provide responses to as many questions as possible.




**Page updated 12/12/2014**

The Diocese of Palm Beach expresses its appreciation to the faithful who completed the consultation/questionnaire by our deadline of December 10. We will collate the answers and send them to the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops who will then send all the information to the Vatican.



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