New Televised Mass

The Diocese of Palm Beach is proud to launch a new, dynamic format for the televised Mass!

Viewers who tune in to the Diocese of Palm Beach's weekly televised Mass soon will notice a dynamic, new format. Through on-site filming at parishes and high-end cinematography, the Diocese will make the televised Mass more engaging for viewers and give the Mass a more modern feel. To accomplish this exciting initiative, the Diocese has hired 8th Avenue Studios, a local production company with more than 20 years of experience in videography.

Instead of being filmed in a studio, as in the past, Masses will now be filmed on-site at parishes throughout the Diocese or at the Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola. Pastors will be given the opportunity to serve as Celebrant and, at the end of Mass, a few minutes will be allowed for the Pastor to share announcements or information about their parish. Parishes also will have the option of using their own lector.

Incorporated into the new format will be a more contemporary look achieved through 8th Avenue Studio's use of drones, which will film aerial footage of the churches to be used at the opening and closing of the televised Mass. High-resolution cameras will give the Mass a more cinematic quality. The new technology will give viewers the opportunity to see the beauty and vibrancy of all 54 parishes and missions in our Diocese.

Through these improvements to the televised Mass, the Diocese hopes to better engage current viewers and attract new viewers, as well. "Younger viewers seem to connect with a more cinematic look," according to Bryan Smith, Director of Content Production and Managing Partner of 8th Avenue Studios. "Perhaps this will help to connect with young people who have stopped going to Mass. Maybe they will see it as an opportunity to start going again."

It is a chance for pastors and churches to not only connect with viewers, but also with other churches around the Diocese. "At the end of the Mass, by giving Pastors the opportunity to make announcements, they can get their voices heard," said Smith. "By sharing information, churches within the Diocese can better engage with parishioners and with each other."

Although the look of the televised Mass will change, the purpose - to bring the Word of God to homebound and hospitalized Catholics - will remain the same. "Our homebound and hospitalized parishioners cherish the TV Mass. It means so much to them," said Connie Cooley. Connie, along with husband Reuben, has volunteered for more than 33 years to coordinate the Diocese's televised Mass.

Connie said she feels the new initiative will help the parishioners to feel more a part of the mass when they see their Pastor and parish on television. "It's a new beginning," she said.

Every Sunday morning, the Diocese of Palm Beach airs its televised Catholic Mass for the homebound from 10:30 a.m. - 11 a.m. on CW34 WTVX
The CW34 channel can be found on the following cable systems:
• On Comcast, you will find CW34 on Channels 4 & 435 HD
• On AT&T/U-Verse, you will find CW34 on Channels 4 & 1004 HD
• On Direct TV & DISH Network, you will find CW34 on Channel 4
• On Hometown Cable Plus, you find CW34 on Channels 4 & 304
• On Digital Antennas, you find CW34 on the Over-Air-Channel 34.1