Let us together pray for the restoration of Notre Dame, a testimony to our faith

The Most Reverend Gerald M. Barbarito, Bishop of the Diocese of Palm Beach recently made the following statement regarding the tragic Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris Fire.

Let us together pray for the restoration of Notre Dame, a testimony to our faith.

“While all the world has felt the tragedy of the fire at Notre Dame, we are grateful that there was no loss of life or injury that occurred.  We are also grateful that so many have already joined in pledges and efforts to restore the Cathedral. Notre Dame is a magnificent reminder of the human spirit which truly reaches to the heavens from which it derives.  I had the joy of visiting Notre Dame and was moved by its beauty which gave praise and honor to God, the Creator, but also to the height of His creation, the human person, who conceived of and built the Cathedral.  I was especially impressed by the stained-glass Rose Window, a highlight of the Cathedral letting in God’s light to the church and representing Mary, Notre Dame, who for us as Catholics, represents the perfection of the human person.  I was also very much impressed by the flying buttresses which hold up the Cathedral which seemed to me to be people holding up the walls of the church.  Thanks to these buttresses, the Cathedral is still standing despite the fire.  May this time of loss and rebuilding help us to join together as humanity, made in the image and likeness of God, to appreciate what we have made as treasures around the world and most especially to appreciate the treasure of each other.”