Saint John Paul II Academy administrators invest in higher education

Embedded in Saint John Paul II Academy’s mission and philosophy statement is a directive that encourages educators to “establish and maintain a leadership position in the integration of technology and data to enhance student achievement.” The high school, located in Boca Raton, is fulfilling that directive through two of its assistant principals, Marian Demarest and Lucas Preble.

Demarest recently joined the Saint John Paul II Academy team, after receiving her Education Leadership Professional Development Certification this summer through the College of New Jersey. Part of Demarest’s recent certification encompassed a variety of professional development courses that highlighted the importance of data collection to better understand the allotment of school resources. “Many Catholic schools find themselves saying ‘there is not enough funding’ or ‘how can we possibly raise enough money for this project.’ Part of what I learned in these courses is how to reevaluate budgets and resources through data collection so that we can use our school funds smarter. This is vital to keeping any Catholic school healthy and functioning,” said Demarest.

Similarly, Preble is taking an invested interest in the improvement of the school’s technology program by combining his master’s degree in cyber security with a PhD in Educational Leadership, which he recently began at Lynn University. “The school has a robust technology program and I recognized the need for administrative leaders to be well-versed in its curriculum. This is especially true when technology is constantly changing. By gaining a degree in educational leadership, I’ll be able to carry out the longterm goal of having regular teacher trainings for iPads, SmartBoards and teaching apps so that the leaders of the school can grow along with the growth of our students,” said Preble.

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