December 2019 Bulletin and Communication Announcements

The Office of Communications for the Diocese of Palm Beach thanks you for visiting the Bulletin Announcement page.  Below you will find documents and images to help you fill the pages of your bulletin with information from the Diocese and those entities it supports.
A. Expected information to be published by each parish this month:
  1. Second Collection Letters - Below are the second collection letters that are required to be published as a full page or half page in parish bulletins on the dates indicated. These letters are from the Bishop and the branding standards of the letter should be followed.   The letter may also be read, in addition to it being printed in the bulletin. 
    The Second Collection for the Retired Religious is on December 7-8; please print the letters on November 30-December 1. 
    -  Letters

           in English - (doc) (pdf) (jpeg
           in Spanish - (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
    - The letters are also posted at
    RFR Facts (pdf)
    News Release (doc)

  2. DSA Materials - 2019
    - New
            English (jpeg1) (jpeg2) (jpeg3) (jpeg4)
            Spanish (jpeg1) (jpeg2) (jpeg3)
    - Letter from Bishop Insert A (pdf) (jpeg)
    - Letter from Bishop Insert B (pdf) (jpeg)
    - Brochure Front Cover (pdf) (jpeg)
    - Announcement English (jpeg) - Spanish (jpeg)
    - Infographic (jpeg)
    - Logos (jpeg) (jpeg) (jpeg) (jpeg)
    - Page Insert (jpeg)
    - Stained Glass (jpeg)
    - Theme from Brochure Title (jpeg)
  3. Safe Environments
    - Announcements in English (doc) (pdf)
    - Announcements in Spanish (doc) (pdf)
    - Graphics for Announcements in English (pdf) (jpeg1) (jpeg2) (jpeg3) (jpeg4) (jpeg5)
    - Graphics for Announcements in Spanish (pdf) (jpeg1) (jpeg2) (jpeg3) (jpeg4) (jpeg5)
    - Knowledge without Action Makes No Difference (doc)
    - Children Need Safe Adults (doc)
    - Communicating concerns about boundaries (doc)
    - Resources -
B. Bulletin Announcements
  1. Events (doc
  2. Related Flyers
    Dec. 3 - Celtic Angels Concert at St. Patrick (jpeg) (pdf)
    Dec. 6 - Lumen Christi at The Breakers, Benefactor and Donation form (pdf)
    Dec. 6 - 60th Anniversary, St. Joan of Arc, (jpeg) (jpeg2)
    Dec. 6-7 - Singing Christmas Tree, St. Peter  (pdf)
    Dec. 7-31 - Schedule for Cathedral of St. Ignatius Loyola (doc)
    Dec. 7 - CCW Advent Morning of Reflection, St. Mark (pdf) (jpeg)
    Dec. 7 - Winter Wonderland, Holy Spirit, (pdf)
    Dec. 8, 15, 22, 29 - Televised TV Mass (jpeg)
    Dec. 8 - Christmas Concert at St. Patrick (pdf)
    Dec. 8 - Amahl Night Visitors, St. Vincent Ferrer -  (jpeg) (pdf)
    Dec. 12 - Candlelight Vigil, Wellington - (jpeg)
    Dec. 14 - Night in Bethlehem Concert, St. Jude (pdf)
    Dec. 15 - Bambinelli Sunday (doc1) (doc2) (doc3)
    Dec. 16 - The Unbound Prayer Ministry presents: 
                    “An Evening of Healing and Forgiveness”, St. Anderw (pdf) (png)
    Dec. 20 - Taping of the Christmas TV Mass, Cathedral (jpeg)
  3. Save the Dates
    Jan. 17 - Food Packing Event, Cardinal Newman HS, John Carroll HS, St. Joan of Arc (jpeg) (pdf)
    Jan. 18 - Catholic Men for Jesus Rally, Cathedral,  (pdf) (jpeg) Card Update (pdf)
    Jan. 23 - Made for More, Cathedral  (jpeg)
    Jan. 28-30 - Catholic Days at the Capital, Tallahassee (pdf), Info (doc), Reg (doc)
    Feb. 1 - Young Adult Retreat at Seminary (pdf)  (jpeg)
    Feb. 22 - 2020 South Florida Choral Festival, St. Luke (pdf1) (pdf2)
    Feb. 22 - Anniversary Mass - St. Lucie
                    Save the Date (jpeg)  Instructions (doc) Registration (doc)
    Feb. 29 - Anniversary Mass - Cathedral
                    Save the Date (jpeg)  Instructions (doc) Registration (doc)
    Feb. 22 & 29 - Anniversary Masses (jpeg1) (jpeg2)
    Mar. 28 - Catholic Women of Faith/Action Conference, Our Lady Queen of Apostles (doc)
C.  Office and Ministry Updates
  1. Catholic Charities
    - Volunteers Needed (doc)
    - Project Rachel Holy Hour (first Friday of each month) (pdf)
    - Disaster Recovery Program (png)
  2. Hispanic Ministry
    - Para Ti Hispano - Diciembre (pdf) and Feliz Navidad (pdf)
    - Prayers to support Encuentro May 2020
         Prayer to the Faithful- English and Spanish (doc)
         Oracion Pastoral (pdf)
         Encuentro Flyer 2019 (pdf)

    You may include a petition during the Universal Prayer/Prayers of the Faithful for the Diocesan Encuentro.  You may also include the Ministry Prayer for the Diocesan Encuentro in your bulletins through May 17, 2020 (the date of the Encuentro at the South Florida Fairgrounds). 
    For the parishes with Spanish Masses, kindly display the Ministry Prayer for the Diocesan Encuentro on your screens or in your bulletins so that the faithful can pray it together after the Prayer after Communion during weekend masses in Spanish (see attachment: Oracion Pastoral) and include the attached flyer (see attachment: Encuentro Flyer 2019) in your parish bulletin along with the Prayer to the Faithful.
    For additional information about this event, please contact Angelica Aguilera at 561-775-9544 or email

  3. Marriage, Family Life, Faith Formation and Youth Ministry
    - The Unbound Prayer Ministry presents:
           “An Evening of Healing and Forgiveness” on Dec. 16 (pdf) (png)
    - (Unbound - video link)
    - School of Christian Formation Flyer updated (pdf)
  4. Catholic Schools
    The Diocese of Palm Beach is honored to announce its “Something Greater” campaign. Our schools seek to develop the whole student. We invest in the future of our students through strong and structured academics and a focus on faith and moral development –challenging students to think beyond the classroom and make a life-long impact on the Church and community. A holistic education means more than setting the highest academic standards. It also means revealing that there’s more to life than personal success: there’s moral character, and service to the community, and ever-present faith. There’s something greater to pursue that makes a life complete.
    Graphics: English (jpg1) (jpg2) (jpg3) (jpg4) (jpg5) and Spanish (jpg6) (jpg7) (jpg8)
    We want to communicate with you flyer (pdf)
E. Resources for Communication Staff
  1. Social Media Workshop powerpoint (pdf) on September 19, 2019
  2. Parish bulletin link database
  3. Parish FB handle database
  4. Free Resources from USCCB
  5. Website Listings for Graphics
  6. Parish bulletin company resource packets
    Diocesean, JS Paulch and LPI
  7. Diocese submit a story resource and link to submission form
  8. Diocese event submission resource and link to submission form
  9. Social Media Tips
  10. Office of Communications Resources
  11. Photo Release Form
    FL Privacy Laws Letter from Director of Communication to Parishes
    Photo Release Form - PDF doc
  12. Guidelines for Parish Online Administrators Template - doc
  13. The Holy See
  14. United States Council of Catholic Bishop (USCCB)
    Word of Life
  15. Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops
  16. Catholic Link
  17. Catholic News Agency











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