Young local artist paints image of Jesus and children

Parishioners at St. Patrick Catholic Church in Palm Beach Gardens have been enjoying a recently installed mural on parish grounds. The mural, currently on the playground fence north of the parish center, is the work of artist and parishioner Priska Lambert. Lambert is a senior at Dreyfoos School of the Arts in West Palm Beach, where she is majoring in visual art.

The mural depicts children surrounding an image of Jesus, and the style is based on contemporary cartoons, capturing Lambert’s natural creativity and flair for interpretation. “I was inspired by my memories of all the books I read growing up with images of Jesus surrounded by children,” said Lambert. “I wanted to represent a very diverse and inclusive group of children.”  

Lambert, who said she has been drawing and painting since she was four years old when she received her first art lesson, is excited to have completed her first mural project. “I first sketched the images on paper and then used a black marker to recreate the sketch on the fence, which had already been treated with white primer,” said Lambert. “I then filled in the shapes in with acrylic paint and outlined everything in black acrylic and oil. It was then set with a fixative specific for outdoor use. The entire process took approximately 60 hours.”

Since completing the mural, many have admired Lamberts work inquiring about any plans for a future career in the arts. “I hope to attend college with a double major in Fine Arts and European History, and a minor in Linguistics,” said Lambert.

To learn more about St. Patrick Parish, visit or call (561) 626-8626.



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