June 2020 Bulletin and Communication Announcements

The Office of Communications for the Diocese of Palm Beach thanks you for visiting the Bulletin Announcement page.  Below you will find documents and images to help you fill the pages of your bulletin with information from the Diocese and those entities it supports.



Bishop's Statement on Equality
English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
    Spanish (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)


A. Expected information to be published by each parish this month:
  1. Second Collection Letters -  Postponed until further notice
  2. Natural Family Planning Awareness week - July 19 to 25 
        English Letter from Bishop (doc) (pdf) (jpg)
        Spanish Letter from Bishop (doc) (pdf) (jpg)
  3. DSA Materials for 2020
    - COVID-19 Response
     (pdf) (jpeg)
    - Video - (video link)
    - Webpage (link to home page
    - Brochure  
    (English pdf)  (Spanish pdf)
    - Poster  (English pdf)  (Spanish pdf)   (English jpeg)  (Spanish jpeg)
    - Letter from Bishop  (English pdf)  (Spanish pdf)  (English jpeg(Spanish jpeg)
    - What the DSA Supports  (English pdf)  (Spanish pdf)  (English jpeg)  (Spanish jpeg)
    - Map  (English pdf)  (Spanish pdf)  (English jpeg)  (Spanish jpeg)
    - Real Stories  (English pdf)  (Spanish pdf)  (English jpeg)  (Spanish jpeg)
    - Full page insert (English pdf) (English jpeg)
    - DSA Now Underway  (English jpeg) (Spanish jpeg)
    - Bulletin Announcements in pew weekend (English pdf) (English jpeg)
    Announcements - (jpg1) (jpg2) (jpg3) (jpg4)
  4. Safe Environments
    - Announcements in English (doc) (pdf)
    - Announcements in Spanish (doc) (pdf)
    - Graphics for Announcements in English (pdf) (jpeg1) (jpeg2) (jpeg3) (jpeg4) (jpeg5)
    - Graphics for Announcements in Spanish (pdf) (jpeg1) (jpeg2) (jpeg3) (jpeg4) (jpeg5)
    - Knowledge without Action Makes No Difference (doc)
    - Children Need Safe Adults (doc)
    - Communicating concerns about boundaries (doc)
    - Resources - diocesepb.org/resources
B. Bulletin Announcements 
  1. Sunday TV Masses
    June 7  - Emmanuel Church, Delray Beach https://vimeo.com/423198825
    June 14  - Emmanuel Church, Delray Beach https://vimeo.com/424796487
    June 21 - St Helen Church, Vero Beach https://vimeo.com/427014884
    June 28 - St Helen Church, Vero Beach https://vimeo.com/429340039
  2. Announcements (doc)
  3. Events
    June 1 - Unbound Virtual Appointments
    June 5 - Project Rachel First Friday Holy Hour - pray at home
    June 6 - First Saturday Peaceful Prayer Vigil - pray at home 
    June 13 - St. Peregrine Healing Mass at St. Thomas Moore Church Live streamed 
    June 15 - Unbound Virtual Appointments
    Oct. 23- 24  - 34th Annual Culture of Life Statewide Conference- Cathedreal of St. Ignatius Loyola
                            Conference Flyer (jpeg)

                            Sponsor Letter (doc) 
                            Donor Form (pdf)
                            Registration Form (pdf)
    Oct. 31 - Census 2020  - The self-response phase has been extended to Oct. 31
                    (pdf) (jpeg) and Action Guide link

C.  Office and Ministry Updates
  1. Catholic Charities
    - COVID-19 Parish Social Ministry (pdf) (png)
    - Counseling Program
          Telephone sesssions in English (jpeg) and Spanish (jpeg)
          Online Virtual Sessions in English and Spanish (Link to article) (pdf) (jpeg)
    - Volunteers Needed (doc) - updated
  2. Hispanic Ministry
    - Para Ti Hispano Junio (pdf)
  3. Marriage, Family Life, Faith Formation and Youth Ministry
    Unbound Virtual appointments
    - (Unbound - video link)
    - School of Christian Formation Flyer updated (pdf)
  4. Catholic Schools
    Academic Calendar 2020-2021 (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
    Florida Martyrs activity kit (pdf)
    Letter April 18, 2020: Diocese of Palm Beach Office of Catholic Schools continues virtual instruction through the end of the school year 
            English (doc) (pdf) (jpeg)
    Step Up For Students Scholarships:

        Click here for an English Flyer - (jpeg) (pdf)
        Click here for an Spanish Flyer - (jpeg) (pdf)
    The Diocese of Palm Beach is honored to announce its “Something Greater” campaign. Our schools seek to develop the whole student. We invest in the future of our students through strong and structured academics and a focus on faith and moral development –challenging students to think beyond the classroom and make a life-long impact on the Church and community. A holistic education means more than setting the highest academic standards. It also means revealing that there’s more to life than personal success: there’s moral character, and service to the community, and ever-present faith. There’s something greater to pursue that makes a life complete.
    Graphics: English (jpg1) (jpg2) (jpg3) (jpg4) (jpg5) and Spanish (jpg6) (jpg7) (jpg8)
    We want to communicate with you flyer (pdf)

D. Resources for Communication Staff

1. Social Media
        - Parish handles for Facebook (xls) (pdf)
        - School handles for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter (xls) (pdf)
        - Social Media Tips (pdf)
        - Social Media Workshop powerpoint (pdf) on September 19, 2019
        - Social Media Workshop powerpoint (pdf) on January 30, 2020

    2. Bulletin Information
- Parish bulletin link database (pdf)
        - Parish bulletin company resource packets:
              Diocesean (pdf) JS Paulch (pdf)  and  LPI (pdf)

    3. Helpful Links
The Holy See
        - United States Council of Catholic Bishop (USCCB)
                 Free Resources from USCCB
                 Word of Life
        - Florida Conference of Catholic Bishops
        - Catholic News Agency

    4. Office of Communication
 Diocese submit a story resource  and  link to submission form
        - Diocese event submission resource  and  link to submission form
        - Office of Communications Resources
        - DOPB Photo and Graphic Guidelines and Resources - (pdf) 


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