Graduate of Cardinal Newman Speaks of the Need for Fatima

John Carney, a former kicker for Notre Dame football and various NFL teams--and graduate of Cardinal Newman High School--highlights courage and hope in a new film about Marian apparitions in Portugal called Fatima the Movie.

Carney became a supporter of the film after his family became involved in Hollywood auditions. "My wife, Holly, and I have three children, two sons and a daughter. When they were going on Hollywood auditions, they brought home some really awful scripts. That helped us to realize, even more than we already knew, the desperate need, not only for acceptable family entertainment, but for transformative art that elevates our vision.

"I think the message of Fatima is one of peace, hope and love," he continued. "There is so much agitation, doubt, hatred and even despair today. However, we have been given the remedy, thanks be to God, through the Catholic Church. Now, it’s up to us to use the remedy, which includes the daily Rosary, at least weekly Mass attendance and reconciliation monthly.

Some of us need a reminder, outside the standard public revelation of the Church, to get back into the sacramental life of the Church. That’s what Fatima was: a maternal reminder that we should be taking Our Father’s commands seriously — that doing so will ensure complete happiness in eternity, but will also make us happier here in the interim."

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