Chairman of U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Migration Statement in Response to Imminent Administration Deportation Plans

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Religious Freedom Week

Begins on Saturday, June 22

Living the Truth in Love - The Greatest Treasure of Notre Dame Cathedral

St. Jude Catholic Church, Tequesta

Here is an overview of St. Jude, Tequesta Parish’s humble beginnings from a mission church to the thriving faith community it is today: June 4, 1957  The Village of Tequesta receives its Charter. The nearest Catholic churches are in Stuart and Rivera Beach. December 8, 1957  Jupiter

Chairman of U.S. Bishops’ Committee on International Justice and Peace Calls for De-escalation of Conflict with Iran

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World Refugee Day 2019 to be Celebrated June 20

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Diocese hosts exclusive screening of ‘Divine Plan’ movie

Palm Beach Gardens   Those who lived through the Cold War years or studied it in school will know that President Ronald Reagan and Saint John Paul II were major characters in the sociopolitical drama unfolding on the world stage. What they might not know, is that the president and the pope

Catholic Young Adult Leaders to Take Part in Vatican Post-Synod Dialogue

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Crisis team assists schools with bereavement

Boca Raton In light of various school tragedies around the U.S, many schools in the Diocese of Palm Beach are examining their response plans to crisis situations and counseling services. Nicole Looney, director of counseling services for Catholic Charities in the Diocese of Palm Beach,

Bishop Barbarito's Fathers Day Message

“As we celebrate Father’s Day, we give thanks to God for the gift of our fathers as well as for all fathers. Family life is a reflection of and sharing in the very life and love of God. A father carries out a unique role in this communion of love which is personal to each of us and for which we are