Anniversary Gifts for Bishop Barbarito

An overwhelming outpour of spiritual gifts and prayers were displayed at the Pastoral Center for the public to see in honor of Bishop Gerald M. Barbarito's anniversary in the Diocese of Palm Beach. August 28, 2013 was the 10th anniversary of the installation of Bishop Barbarito as the shepherd and leader of the diocese.
The gifts and well-wishes come from parishes and schools all across the five counties of the diocese. One card is from all the seminarians at St. Vincent de Paul Seminary. Some gifts include pictures of Bishop Barbarito. There are also bouquets adorned with spiritual cards and hand-crafted flowers, all with prayers and messages written upon them; large cards with drawings and one that says "World's Best Friend"; a prayer box filled with special intentions, and so much more! 
Also on display in the lobby was the spiritual gift from the staff of the Pastoral Center. Employees wrote on rocks their spiritual blessings and prayers offered to the Bishop and placed them in the planter of a palm tree.
The Pastoral Center staff surprised Bishop Barbarito with the presentation of the gifts by gathering quietly in the lobby then applauding as he entered through the doors. Staff also sang Happy Anniversary to him (to the tune of Happy Birthday).
Upon seeing the spiritual gifts on display, Bishop Barbarito smiled and expressed his gratitude for the people of the Diocese of Palm Beach. He stated very humbly it is his honor to serve as the shepherd and that he is the one who should be saying "thank you" to those in the diocese for their support and faith.
Bishop Barbarito thank you letter is available on the diocesan website. Please click here to read the letter.